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Crystal facial rollers range from cheap to very expensive, are equipped with various healing stones, and have become a beauty phenomenon. This summer, we all want to look our best – that’s no secret. Sadly, some of us might be dealing with some skin issues such as dryness, age, and wrinkles. If you’re concerned about the way your skin looks today and you want to get it prepared for those long summer days, consider a crystal facial roller.

crystal facial roller is a single-wheeled paint roller-esque tool with a stone on the end that is meant to be manually wheeled across the face. Just like a paintbrush, you take your tool and sweep gently outwards repeatedly. Doing this for three minutes and up to three times a day creates a massage-like effect on the face. Although studies are still examining the full scope of crystal facial roller benefits, it has been linked with everything from skin rejuvenation to anti-inflammatory effects, wrinkle prevention, lymphatic drainage, blood circulation stimulation, and more.

Do facial rollers really work?

From a temporary perspective, a crystal healing facial roller will immediately remedy any tiredness. Long-term, you’re looking at a wide variety of different benefits. There’s also the crystal healing element that we can’t forget. Each crystal comes with its own energies. Depending on whether you’ve selected a jade facial roller or rose quartz, tourmaline, amethyst, or otherwise, you’re getting some very specific results. For this reason, it’s worth looking into what crystals are favorable to your current situation.

The most preferred crystal for a facial roller is jade, by far. Natural jade has been used in ancient Eastern Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, used to draw out negative energy. Also, facial rollers are nothing new either, with evidence suggesting their use in seventh century China and perhaps before then. There’s elements of crystal healing and crystal facial rollers also present in Ancient India. To this day, many people continue to use jade facial rollers and other crystals applied to their skin to keep their faces looking young and energized.

Are jade rollers effective?

Although we wouldn’t necessarily call facial rollers a Chinese beauty secret, some might. Instagram accounts in the past year have heavily emphasized facial rollers with personalities like Madonna, Victoria Beckham, and Khloe Kardashian all using them.

If you want to have amazing-looking skin this summer, a crystal facial roller is one product worth looking at. They continue to be big on social media and dermatologists are even beginning to suggest they could assist with moisturizer absorption. Buy your very own facial roller today from to begin your quest for perfect skin this summer.

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