cupping massage

Round cupping marks are a common characteristic one may notice on an athlete or a person who does cupping. These marks, which usually look like bruises, are misunderstood by many. Despite the powerful benefits of cupping, so much attention is paid on the bruising people interpret to appear on the body. Here’s a little bit of info on what that ‘bruising’ is and what the color means.

Any time a muscle experiences a significant injury deep inside, bleeding occurs which tends to leave bruising. Edema in the area also presents, with the coagulation of sticky proteins. As this happens, circulation stagnates in this region of the body. A lack of circulation results in pain and dysfunction. When you use a cupping set, you’re tapping into a vacuum which is attracting stagnant blood to the surface with other sticky fluids in the area. The cups suction them up, allowing fresh blood to circulate into the area with nutrients, oxygen, and new cells, improving recovery.

Cupping therapy can leave marks however these are not really bruising in the most traditional sense of the word. The marks left behind are from dead, static blood, cellular debris, and toxins, and is sometimes influenced by the lymphatic system and certain pathogenic factors. Cupping marks are a sign that stagnating or unhealthy blood has moved to the surface, away from the deep tissue layers. It’s in fact a positive! They’re simply surface discolorations – not damage.

In Canada, US, and other countries, we commonly interpret discolorations like these to be negative. In our image-conscious society, we may be uncomfortable walking around with discolorations on our bodies while others interpret them as a sign of abuse of some kind. As unnerving as it can be, don’t let it intimidate you from receiving Lierre cupping. They’re very normal.

Note the color of the cupping mark and its pattern. Color-wise, it can range from bright red to dark purple. On average, marks like these will last three days or less. For people who live more sedentary lifestyles or if your body is not used to cupping, it can take up to a week to get rid of them. If the body doesn’t have any stagnation to bring to the surface, you’ll only notice some pink which dissipates within a few hours.

Applying silicone cupping to the body, you’re less likely to see marks if you sweat frequently. Regardless, suction’s going to leave a mark wherever you use it on a person. Build-up of waste products and stagnant blood is all it is, and it’s a good thing you’re getting it out. This is how cupping expels these debilitating agents from the body. After a few cupping treatment sessions, you’ll likely see the discolorations become less and less prominent.

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