cupping set with a brush
There are three different types of cupping that are commonly used for face massage: silicone, glass and plastic. Of these, silicone is by far the most popular – which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you! Here is a short guide to make your choice easier. Silicone cupping Silicone is an unbreakable, flexible, soft material. It’s simply the best choice for gliding cups, and for massages that involve more motions: since the mouth of the cups is flexible, it can adapt to the contours of your face and won’t fall off easily. The downsides of silicone cups are that it can be harder to get an intense degree of suction, since silicone cupping are more difficult to squeeze, and that they warm up quite fast – unlike glass cups, which are more soothing to the touch. Face Massage Silicone Cupping Set with a Brush comes with two eye cups, and two cups for the rest of your face – and a soft silicone brush for gentle yet deep exfoliation.     Plastic cupping Affordable, easy to manipulate, and providing great and easy suction, plastic cups are an excellent option. These cups are durable and easy to disinfect, and it’s easier to get intense suction with them than with silicone cups – and they’re more durable than glass cupping, making them the best of both worlds. Plastic Face Massage Cups with Bulb Set  contains four 3cm plastic cups make for a very versatile, intuitive set to use.     Glass cupping Glass cups are the easiest cups to use: facial cups come with a soft rubber bulb that allows you to easily achieve an intense degree of suction. As opposed to plastic cups, they’re also the smoothest, coolest cups to the touch, which makes them particularly good at relieving pouches under the eyes, relaxing muscles and soothing skin. Glass Facial Cups with Bulb Set
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