Massage Tables by Profession, part 1: Massotherapists, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths
The requirements that professionals have for massage tables (tables de massage) vary considerably, but the biggest factor tends to be the types of treatment they offer. For example, physiotherapists tend to favour firm or semi-firm foam, or multi-layered memory foam, since these types of foam provide increased back support; spa workers will look for the opposite, since they want to offer as much comfort as possible. Factors include how physically involved treatments tend to be, and whether or not professionals need to travel… it can become a bit dizzying! This list is meant to give professionals a sense of direction in their search for the perfect table, but should be taken as guidelines, rather than hard-and-fast rules. Massotherapists Perhaps more than practitioners of any other profession, massotherapists’ needs vary considerably depending on their modality. Shiatsu practitioners will prefer shiatsu futons, whereas more intense, deep tissue massage practitioners might prefer the Lierre Classic: with its multi-layered memory foam, it provides excellent back support. One of the perennial classics, however, is the Earthlite Spirit: light and extremely soft, it will make almost any customer comfortable, and it can easily be carried from location to location. Physiotherapists Proper support, in a massage table, is of paramount importance to physiotherapist. With the softest foam, much of a physiotherapist’s efforts are lost: the pressure they apply to key parts of a client’s body only serves to make the client sink into the table, and therefore its efficacy is compromised. Moreover, physiotherapists need to have access to nearly every part of a client’s body, as their treatments tend to be intense and cover vast, interconnected muscular and articular regions. Due to the nature of the profession, physiotherapists are also more likely to travel for their treatments, as they sometimes work to rehabilitate clients with reduced mobility. In short, all these requirements mean that narrow, portable massage tables with semi-firm foam are usually the ideal choice for physiotherapy. Two of Lierre tables respond well to this description, the first being the Lierre Eco 28”. This portable massage table has 2 inch standard, semi-firm foam, making it rigid enough for physiotherapy, and it comes with a carrying case. The table’s wooden frame and its strong structure prevent it from collapsing, even during intense, physically involved treatments. Moreover, its adjustable height can be useful in a host of different situations. Finally, perhaps the greatest advantage of the Lierre Eco 28” is its price: $179. Another great choice will be hourglass shape aluminum table, which is lighter and slightly more comfortable for both therapists and patients. The table’s shape allows the practitioner to access the client’s back easily, without having to bend over, but it also allows the patient to relax their arms alongside their bodies. The table’s light aluminium frame make it extremely portable, in spite of its larger size. Some physiotherapists, however, do not have to travel for work: in this case, an electric table is still one of the best choices. These tables have a much greater degree of adjustability, which facilitates targeted, precise treatments. Some of our tables can be adjusted as low as 50cm, accommodating almost anyone, even if their movements are heavily restricted. Osteopaths Osteopaths have very similar requirements for massage tables as physiotherapists. They require a massage tables with harder foam and narrow frames, helping them to have access to all parts of the body. The best options on the market, in this case, are Lierre’s standard size electronic tables which is 28” electronic table. Our 2 section and 3 section electric table are designed to better support patients, including foam chosen for this very purpose. These wonderfully versatile tables can be adjusted to different shapes for clients, allowing them to sit up for consultation or to better receive therapies. This concludes the first part of our article. Stay tuned for the second part, with information on the massage tables(tables de massage) most appropriate for acupuncturists, spa and beauty workers, Reiki practitioners and energy healers!

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