Must-Have Clinic Supplies Guide

Starting your own business is a path full of obstacles, successes, ups, and downs. Starting your own medical clinic or massage clinic can be even more stressful than a regular business. In fact, you have to get high quality clinic supplies in order to deliver a professional service to your client. Finding the top quality clinic supplies online in Canada can be difficult or some website can offer too expensive supplies for your budget. Do not worry, we have your back! Here is a Must-Have Clinic Supplies Guide so you can start your business stronger than the most voracious competitors. Flawless Clinic = More Clients! 

Clinic Accessories

Clinic accessories are the basic supplies to buy in order to start your practice. offers disposable sheets, instrument trays, forceps, cotton ball jars, alcohol dispensers, towels, liquid warmers, needle collectors, utility carts and more. Our store provides high quality clinic supplies in Canada at the most affordable prices. These accessories will assist you during your day-to-day activities at work. Mostly every product is designed to help you saving time, space, and energy while keeping your materials organized.

Disposable Products

Our disposable products are composed of a wide variety of sheets and covers in different size that can fit on every massage table. Moreover, we are selling sanitary and affordable paper and poly sheets. You can purchase them in pack, rolls or bulk. Disposable headrest covers and pillowcases are also available in our store. Finally, we also offer self-sealing biohazard bags to dispose of medical waste securely. Disposable products are more than important to keep your clinic space hygienic and safe.

Medical Disinfectants

Having a sterilized working environment is essential to succeed in the business. Lierre offer a wide selection of acupuncture cleaning products and massage cleaning products. These medical disinfectants include isopropyl alcohol, stanhexidine, dexidin, BioSpot, and antibacterial gel. Having medical disinfectant supplies will ensure your client your practice is safe and is more likely to increase the word-of-mouth effect within the customers!

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