Boxing day 2019


If your best friend is an acupuncturist... 

If one of your family members is annoying with  cellulite...

If you had a tough year but truly deserve a perfect gift... 

Lierre provides the best quality acupuncture needles for professional use. Sterilized disposable acupuncture needles represents the best affordability in the market. Advanced computer quality control system ensures needle’s quality consistency, and stainless steel and Traditional copper wire-wound loop handle tops makes it easier to handle, 

Lierre Top Acupuncture Needles 

Medical-grade silicone cups are comfortable, safe, and durable for easing cellulite, and they can be the perfect match with Jade Soft Detox roller. Applying drops of natural message gel, a home-based massage treatment can be done easily beyond your imagination!  

Lierre Top Anti-cellulite sets 

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