5 Things Acupuncturists Should Do During Acupuncture Treatments
Things you should know about acupuncture treatments - But, acupuncturist edition!  Acupuncture is a well known treatment, not so much in the Western Countries, but it has been in a rise of interest since this couple of years. Acupuncture is not for everyone, but can widely treat pain, emotions, breathing system, and even mental states. In this article, I will talk about how acupuncture treatments work, more specifically in how you, the acupuncturist, can reassure your patients.  
  • Reassure them that it does not hurt.

It is very important for the patient to be able to know what you are inserting in their body. Isn’t it obvious that, if you say you are inserting a tiny needles, and it does not hurt. This will reassure many patients, and relax them. It will also help your treatment to go super well when a patient is calm and relaxed. You can tell them you are using acupuncture needles made with silicone or without silicone. We receive a lot of feedback from professionals that they are using silicone needles, as it reduces the pain, and also the easy insertion. But to reassure them, you can tell them it is tiny needles, especially for children, many are scared, and you can tell them a story, and you will feel a tingly effect, and not something that is brutal.  

1.Tell your patients that Acupuncture is not only related to the needles, but a combination of other therapy. Often times, acupuncture therapies do not only use one type of therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, they combine it with other natural therapy for better results. For instance, I have seen them combining with Gua Sha, Cupping (very popular choice), moxibustion, Tuina (massage), and etc. Reassure your patients that there is always a fun part aside the needles. It is a complete set of treatment that you do on them, and it is super relaxing. To maximize their great experience, you should promote that, and this way it will make them feel safer.    

2. It takes multiple treatments for the best result. It is important to let your patients know that, one treatment does not do the whole healing. Obviously, this is something you should tell them before a surprise. The number of treatments differ from case from another. You cannot promise that one treatment will be done. We all know that acupuncture therapy is not cheap, but more like an investment. You can kind of sell your services, but in a nice way. Reassure them that after one treatment they will feel better, but after several treatment, they will feel amazing.      

3.Warn your patients before, and sit down to plan out what should they expect.  This brings to the next suggestion: you should inform them what to expect. First impression is important, and walk through the steps that is needed for their treatment. It is not something that is done in a rushy way. You need to sit down with the patient, and tell them what actually will happen, if they come for several treatment. Make sure to ask them specific questions, and make it interactive, while staying professional. Tell them to wear loose clothes, and to not come empty stomach, the basics, make sure to remind them because not all of them know those ‘’basics’’.  

 4. Acupuncturists do not reuse the same needles. In fact, it is illegal. You cannot reuse the same acupuncture needles. Reassure them, although the needles can come to a big expense for a treatment, they do not use it twice. They make sure the needles are sterilized, and in perfect condition. So, choose wisely your supplier. There are many suppliers now, but to buy from a good source, is the best. Make sure when you buy, the box is well closed, nothing is open, if it is, you are allowed to get it refund or exchanged.

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