Are you still shop your acupuncture needles from Eastern currents? might be another option for you.

When we talk about buying acupuncture needles in Canada, the first impression that comes to your mind are usually the eastern current web site, it is no doubt and probably one of the largest store that carries more than 8 types of the most popular needles brand including asiamed, seirin, TeWa, Carbo, Optimed, Auricular…etc, those brands are top of the notch and some of the brands such as Carbo, have even existed in the market almost 3 decades and has earned their reputation as leader in Canadian market.


The increasing of gym culture and modern stressed lifestyles have led some modern disease such as sport injuries, anxiety, depression and so on, hence, the popularity of of acupuncture therapy treatment increased dramatically , there are many studies have shown that acupuncture has been proved to be the most effective in pain management in some studies, people no longer believe the TCM therapies as “pseudoscience” anymore as it used to be, because of that, more and more practitioners have entered this field, and one of the tools that acupuncturists use the most, are the acupuncture needles.


From my previous articles about how acupuncture needles are being made, I explained the complex procedures for making just a single acupuncture needle, general speaking, it has to pass up to 8 different procedure including manufacture stages up to the final sterilization, even though it is claimed in Canada, there are many brands who are able to manufacture needles, however, only a few of them who are actually eligible to produce high-quality needles, those factories usually use the same technology but produce into different brands with different price ranges just to fit different demands.


Overall, acupuncture needles production is a strict and technical business, since this is a strict business, which basically means that is not allowed to permit mistakes. Each tiny dull and sharp angle of needles might bring detrimental effects to customers, a defective needle can cause allergies, pain and the worse, severe infections due to the quality of production, it is very important for us to keep an eye on the manufacture who are we cooperating to.


For the new acupuncturists who want to explore with new acupuncture needles options, we recommend you to try our Shinlin acupuncture needles & Acu Relaxo, all of the brands from have been certified and tested by local acupuncturists to ensure that our needs are legit. With similar quality compared to these big brands at the same time at the lowest cost as possible, during the past 5 years, our acupuncture needles brands have earned its reputation in Canada and we are improving our quality consistently to ensure we are always serving the best as we could to our customers in Canada. 

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