Can Acupuncture help with Asthma – the results are in!
Acupuncture’s been associated with remedying conditions all the way from pain to sexual dysfunction but how much of it is real and how much of it’s just hype – that’s what we want to address.   Acupuncture’s recently been studied in relation to asthma. Asthma is generally caused by inhaling, ingesting, injecting, or having contact with a certain substance that a person’s allergic to. Symptoms of asthma can occur at any age and acupuncture’s traditionally not used as treatment for asthma even though some in traditional Chinese medicine circles believe it can assist with respiratory conditions like this. How does acupuncture help asthma?   A study conducted in an Indonesian hospital has produced positive results demonstrating the potential of using acupuncture to treat asthma. A young boy was admitted to the hospital’s emergency room with no improvement in his asthma over a two-year period where he was provided all the usual treatments recommended. He was eventually diagnosed at the hospital with asthmatic bronchitis, linked to his asthma.   Among the treatments provided to this young boy was acupuncture. Inch-long stainless steel needles were inserted into the patient at select points and remained in his body for 20 minutes. Acupuncture treatment lasted in three parts of 12 sessions each. During the first part’s seventh session, improvement in his asthma began to be noted. From the eighth session onwards, symptoms decreased significantly. At the end of the first 12 sessions, the patient was found to roughly be back to normal living a life with general asthma. At the end of the second 12 sessions, his dyspnea was cured altogether although a cough was still present. At the end of the third 12 sessions, the patient’s asthma condition completely resolved itself.   Is acupuncture good for asthma?   At that time, the patient was advised to return to the hospital should he experience asthmatic complaints again. Four months later, the patient returned with the same problem. The same sessions were performed on him and he was cured again. Today, this Indonesian hospital is recommending acupuncture treatment to patients presenting with similar symptoms and maintenance acupuncture is provided to help patients resolve their asthma complaints. Subsequently, India is also starting to take on acupuncture as a form of treatment for asthma.   In the West, we don’t generally associate acupuncture with asthma but what these studies demonstrate is, if/when used on a regular schedule, it has the potential to relieve asthma complaints altogether in some, if not all, patients. If you’re suffering from asthma and nothing’s helped yet, try acupuncture. Get on a regular schedule and have faith that it will work at some point in the schedule of sessions.     Buy your acupuncture needles in Canada and associated acupuncture accessories from today.
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