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There is always a negative side to any curation, acupuncture is not an exception among them. Acupuncture is an effective treatment among all traditional Chinese medicine. A session with your acupuncturist can last from 20 to 40 minutes, and for it to be the optimized result, you have to attend from 6 to 12 sessions. After these treatments, you may see several mild after effect, that are unpreventable, but they are warned to you. It is important to seek the qualified, licensed practitioner for the acupuncture treatments to be safe and successful. Some people have reported that they had mild, short-lived pain after where the acupuncture needles puncture onto the skin. You may experience bleeding or bruising from where the needles have been inserted. Other after effect that are not so common are skin rashes, allergic reactions, pain, nausea, dizziness, fainting or infections. These are mild, and not common, but can sometimes only be happening to some people. Obviously, if you have certain problem, you will have higher chance to experience those side effects, but if not, acupuncture is mostly the safest and effective treatment you can get. You may experience certain risk, but to prevent from these, you may need be cautious about what you are getting. Certain people are not qualified, or they are just not suitable to have these treatments:

  • Bleeding disorder: if you are someone who suffers from this disorder, chances is that bleeding or bruising during the treatment will increase
  • Blood thinners: if you take some blood thinners, chances increase of bleeding and bruising
  • Pacemaker: during acupuncture, it involves applying electrical pulses, so if you have pacemaker, it may interfere
  • Pregnant women: acupuncture may stimulate labor, and could result to premature delivery
Everyone is unique and is different and may not be the same, but acupuncture is the safest cure among all as it is not related to addiction to a drug, and you will not be taking any medicine. To mostly prevent, and reassure that you are getting the best treatment, you want to make sure that this person is a qualified and licensed acupuncturist. And also, they buy acupuncture needles that are approved by Health Canada, and are using single used needles to avoid contamination. Moreover, keep in mind that those are trained practitioner that knows which body parts are good to insert the acupuncture needles, as it is their expertise. If you ask me for recommendation, one trusted acupuncturist that we would refer to you is Xiao Lei Wang’s acupuncture clinic. With him, you will have a trusted and amazing experience. Acupuncture is recommended on pain, stress relief and sleeping problems. You will 100% feel a lot better and feel worth it!
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