Hand Grip Strengthener Rings to Improve Your Grip Strength And Hand Strength

How Do I Improve My Hand Strength?

Hand strength plays a surprising role in a range of everyday tasks. Picking up groceries. Moving furniture. Playing a sport where you have a tool in your hand. A strong grip is more than lifting heavy weights at the gym. It can be a skill you can make use of every day.

You have to train your hand strength and grip strength like you do any other muscle group or region of the body. When you have better grip, you improve your ability to do bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups. You also gain more control on squats, deadlifts, and bench-press, maximizing control over your movement. A great investment are hand strengthener rings.

Do Hand Strengthener Rings Work?

Hand strengthener rings are all about the squeeze. That’s all you need to do. You can get rings with about 30 pounds of pressure as a starting point. Some people work their way up to 70-80 pounds and even more.

How to use hand strengthener rings is just to squeeze them. By doing this, first and foremost, you immediately relieve stress. It’s a great tactic to reduce fidgeting as well and is excellent for massage practitioners or anyone who works with their hands. You’re also slowly strengthening muscles in and around your hand.

They are not an immediate fix but nothing is when it comes to working out. Just like it takes sometimes months to build up a muscle group like chest, back, legs, or arms, it can take time to arrive at more hand strength but after a week or so, you will feel it happening.

Exercises To Build Hand Strength

  • In addition to hand strengthener rings, there are also specific exercises you can use to build hand strength.
  • Kettlebell swings are a popular way to build grip strength.
  • A farmer’s carry uses kettlebells and other weights to improve grip strength by carrying weight over distances.
  • Heavy deadlifts and using out different grips is another way.
  • Bicep curls with dumbbells or a barbell is also extremely, extremely beneficial for hand, grip, and wrist strength.

Where Can I Buy Hand Strengthener Rings in Canada?

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