5 Things you Can Do to Unlock the Healing Potential of your Crystals

Crystals can soothe and heal, and are used by people from all walks of life for their amazing benefits. There are physical, emotional and spiritual consequences to the healing stoneswe choose. Be it a new stone or a crystal you’ve long cherished, connecting with your crystal can happen in many ways. To optimize the benefits you receive and the healing potential contained within your crystal, here are some things we recommend.

Creating an altar

An altar is meant to state intent and desire in a physical way. It also will provide your crystal a sacred area in which it can cultivate the energies you desire. Designing an altar, any shelf or tabletop works well. Cleanse the energies of the space by burning dried herbs. Next, choose intention, pick your crystals, and supply other items on the altar that relate to its purpose.

What is crystal healing and how does it work?
What is crystal healing and how does it work?

Infusing bathwater

Dropping water-safe stones into a bath is a great way to immerse one’s self with crystal healing vibrations. The next time you’re taking a bath, just add a few crystals aligned to your intention. Get in, meditate on the intention, and let the energized bathwater envelop every corner of the body.

Arranging stones

Stone arrangements and crystal grids are nothing new. Geometry has a huge role to play in increasing the effectiveness of a crystal. There are simple grids to follow and more complex ones, as evidenced by the numerous examples online. It’s almost like filling in a puzzle. Assemble the arrangement and then, after the last stone is laid, meditate on the intention.

What are the best healing crystals to have?
What are the best healing crystals to have?


Holding a stone while meditating can enhance its abilities, open your consciousness, and strengthen the connection between you and the universe around you. After you’ve chosen your stone, this is an easy way to get started at unlocking its crystal healing potential. Hold it in your hand, imagine the energy permeating through your body and soothing the mind, focus on your breath, and then, let everything relax.

Physical contact

Physical contact with healing stones is important, particularly if they’re applied over chakras. Crystal healers use this to clear energy blocks and guide specific benefits. The body has several different chakras to cleanse, open, and/or heal. Depending on the stone and the chakra selected, there’s a lot you can do with physical contact to open up to the healing powers surrounding a stone.Crystals are not worth anything if the time’s not invested in connecting with them. These are just five of the several rituals which can tap into the healing opportunities of a crystal like amethyst, clear quartz, or rose quartz. Buy your crystals tod

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