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After one session of cupping, most patients notice light to dark bruises on their skin. Although these bruises and blisters may look alarming to many, they are actually quite common. Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that has been gaining in popularity recently and is more accepted as a form of treatment. 

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Does Cupping Cause Blisters?

Cupping has been practiced for thousands of years under Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Since cupping has started, it has evolved and changed over time. The method of cupping has changed, as well as the material used to create the cups. Starting from bamboo, then on to clay, and now glass and silicone cups are the most popular materials for cupping therapy. Since cupping therapy began, it has been known to treat illnesses and pain such as rheumatic, lower back, and abdominal pain, as well as headaches, asthma, colds, coughs, and more. 

As cupping therapy has been gaining popularity, many clinics now offer their clients the option of getting this treatment performed on them as an alternative form of medicine. With some types of cupping sets such as those made in silicone, they can be used to practice at home as well. When cupping is performed in a clinical setting, glass cupping is sometimes used because the practitioners perform fire cupping. In this case, this is not something to be done at home since it is slightly more dangerous. In addition, this type of cupping can also cause bruising or blisters. Some causes of this are:

  • The practitioner left the cup on your skin for too long:
    Each patient has different problems and tolerance levels for cupping treatments. Some patients may not have blisters/bubbles even after having cups on them for 20 to 30 minutes. Some may get blisters after 5-10 minutes. In order to acknowledge the tolerance level of the patient, therapists should leave the cups on the patient’s skin for a shorter period of time during their first cupping session.
  • The temperature of the cup is too high:
    Although cups are usually at a normal temperature, they can sometimes become too hot which causes blisters or bubbles to appear on the skin. If a therapist tries to perform a cupping therapy session too quickly on a patient, the cup can get too hot very quickly and cause blisters.
  • The Cupping Area: 
    Areas with thinner or sensitive skin can have a higher possibility of getting blisters/bubbles during cupping.
  • Heavy Cupping: 
    Different patients have different tolerance levels to cupping, as previously mentioned. If the cupping treatment is above the patient’s tolerance, it will cause blisters/bubbles on patient’s skin.

Experiencing blisters or bubbles during your first cupping session is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be concerning because there is a risk of them getting infected. If you want to try glass cupping therapy, it is important to research all the clinics in your area and find the most trusted one, with knowledge, expertise, and high-rated reviews. If, however, you do not feel comfortable having someone perform this treatment on you but are still interested in cupping, there are some cups available to use on yourself. For example, Silicone cupping or plastic cupping sets are extremely easy and safe to use on yourself. With these cupping sets, you will be able to control the strength of the suction, without fire or heat.

Lastly, not everyone is suitable for cupping. If you experience any problems during cupping at home, you should contact your doctor. Always consult a doctor before performing any type of alternative medicine at home on yourself. As a professional in cupping supplies in Canada, offers cupping sets of all different materials and types. You can find traditional glass cupping sets, durable and gentle silicone cups, resistant and effective plastic cups, and many accessories and sets to purchase. Silicone and plastic cups are quickly gaining in popularity across the Western world for their ease of use, and that they can be used without fire means that they’re great for patients with sensitive skin.

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