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Cupping therapy would be a new experience for many Canadians. As a form of traditional Chinese medicine, some too easily dismiss cupping as having no benefit even though research suggests otherwise. As those who have tried it and who do cupping regularly, they see several mental and physical health benefits well worth going through the practice. Cupping is sort of like an inverted massage. Instead of applying pressure downwards, massage suctions the skin, tissue, and muscles upwards. Some Canadians combine cupping with acupuncture to get even more benefit however cupping on its own is known to have many benefits, including improving circulation, relieving pain, and more. Here are 3 major reasons Canadians have become so attracted to the idea of cupping.  

Their favorite Hollywood celebrity is probably doing it.

Since cupping first hit the mainstream about a decade, Hollywood A-listers have scooped it up in droves. Cupping’s been used by Gwyneth Paltrow who appeared on a red carpet with those characteristic round cupping marks, Jennifer Aniston who did the same, Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, and more. Each person no doubt has their own reasons for trying cupping although its ability to relax a person is probably at the top of the list.  

Athletes are using it to heal and for better performance.

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Since the 2008 Olympics when Chinese swimmer Wang Qun showed up with cupping marks, athletes have used cupping therapy in big numbers. It is believed to improve health and performance, and is continued to be used by hockey players, tennis stars, and baseball players. Cupping’s been claimed by those who have used it to help relieve stiffness, heal injuries, and protect the body. For older athletes who are looking to do what they need to do to keep up performance, cupping’s been one particularly highly recommended treatment.  

Cupping’s benefits extend to various health conditions.

Another reason why cupping’s so popular among Canadians is because it removes toxins, stimulates blood flow, and helps to regulate the body’s lymphatic system. Cupping has benefits for people suffering from the flu, back and muscle pain, who has poor circulation, anxiety, red itchy skin, allergies, fevers, aches, and chronic pain. For these many benefits, this is in part why cupping is found to exist not only in Chinese culture but also among Egyptians, North American Aboriginal populations, the early Greeks, and across Europe.   Try cupping today with one of’s silicone cupping sets. Practicing at home, you can go as intense as you want to go and can customize your treatment according to what you hope to accomplish. Always remember to go less intense, at first. Judge your body’s reaction. Limit the suction time. Buy your cupping set in Canada from

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