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In the field of silicone therapy, massage cupping in Canada has become very popular among those seeking to relieve chronic pain, tackle cellulite, and handle skin care. There are several different massage cupping techniques you can use, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Techniques are generally separated into two categories – static and non-static. In this article, we hope to explore these two different sets of silicone cupping techniques.  

Static cupping

Add lubricant to the intended cupping area and place the silicone cups on the area to create suction. Leave them in place for up to fifteen minutes. Consider starting with a shorter time and increasing it as you progress with the treatment. Always give yourself a day break post-treatment to maximize their effects. Through static cupping, this is also commonly used as a form of acupuncture to treat pain. In an acupuncture approach, the cups are placed symmetrically on the body on Meridian points. It’s best not to try this latter acupuncture approach yourself. Please note it takes an experienced acupressure practitioner to know how to properly apply silicone cupping in this way.  

Non-static cupping

Non-static cupping is sometimes referred to as the ‘massage technique’. Non-static cupping comprises of many techniques. In a massage, a silicone cup is placed on the body and then, a practitioner begins to move it from one area to the next. Depending on purpose of treatment, there are movement maps to follow for different parts of the body. Among the most basic methods of non-static cupping is the ‘gliding technique’, which involves gliding a cup up and down repeatedly. Then, there is ‘flash cupping’ which involves suctioning the silicone cup with a strong vacuum and releasing it instantly, repeating this again and again. Another method is the ‘shaking technique’ which is where someone shakes and gently rotates a silicone cup on the skin after it’s been applied. For deep tissue treatment targeting muscle tension, this technique works wonders.  

Before you begin your massage cupping technique

Always ensure lubricant has been used to glide things up on your silicone cups. Products which have been used to lubricate include water-based lubricants, body oil, massage oil, or balm. Massage cupping treatment using lubricant is a much more pleasant experience for the client and can help in spreading the aromas of essential oils. As seen, there are numerous silicone massage cupping techniques out there. If you’re unsure about what works for your body, consult your practitioner or look online to see the reviews. We encourage you to browse our catalogue and find the silicone cups that work for you. See exclusives, deals, and discounts, and buy silicone cupping in Canada from

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