Benefits of Bian Stone Gua Sha

Bian stones were created thousands of years ago. They transcend time and space, bringing energies from afar into the modern period. In healing stone therapy, bian stones are the gold standard.

Bian stones are one of the oldest forms of medical healing, used in massages and acupuncture-like treatments. As an ancient healing therapy, bian stones have been used for centuries in medical treatments and traditional Chinese medicine.

What Do Bian Stones Do?

Bian stones are believed to work through what’s called ‘infrared remote sensing’.

There are trace elements found in bian stones. These elements are beneficial to human health. Rubbing a bian stone against the body, ultrasonic impulses are created. As these are absorbed into the body, a number of benefits are found.

  • Improve microcirculation in the body.
  • Eliminate heat and poisons in the body.
  • Remove unnecessary fats your body does not need to carry.
  • Increase blood circulation, purifying the blood and blood vessels.
  • Increase oxygen and nutrition supply to body organs.

What Are Bian Stones Made From?

Bian stones are crafted from a variety of stone materials typically from the coastlines along Shandong, China.

How Do You Use Bian Stones in Gua Sha?

Bian stones are pointed, once used as a precursor to acupuncture to treat back and neck discomfort, mobility trouble, and pain.

Gua sha is a form of TCM that uses healing crystals to dig into the body, releasing energy and infusing energy into channels that run from head to toe. Bian stones have a place in gua sha, utilized in the same way as any other gua sha tool.

Bian Stone Gua Sha (Wing shaped)

Are Using Bian Stones Better Than Acupuncture?

Bian stones are very traditional and very much a precursor to techniques known today as acupuncture and gua sha. Bian stones aren’t inherently better than acupuncture. They are equally effective, in a lot of cases.

Before there was acupuncture, bian stones were what was used to press into the body with sharpness stimulating the same energy channels acupuncture does. Before moxibustion, bian stones were heated and applied in the same manner.

Before modern-day gua sha, bian stones essentially were used in the same way. The result of all these treatments are very similar – more relaxation, increased energy flow, and reduced symptoms of chronic conditions.

What Other Conditions Can Bian Stone Gua Sha Treat?

Bian stones focus in on energy healing. It is not a magical cure for any condition or disorder, however, within its limitations is the ability to treat symptoms and reduce feelings of pain, discomfort, and unease.

The most common health condition used to treat with bian stone gua sha is soft tissue injuries, such as cervical spondylosis and lower back pain. Certain skin disorders, i.e. abscesses, are treatable to an extent with bian stones.

Any condition or symptom that is in part or wholly cause by qi or circulatory issues can be managed or resolved to varying degrees of success with bian stone gua sha. There are real benefits physically and mentally to using bian stone gua sha, needless to say.

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