buy cupping therapy sets at has been selling cupping over quite a time now, and has been the number one seller across Canada of Cupping. Many customers come in and ask us, what is Cupping, and why should we use it. As a professional, or an at home user, people would ask questions and more information about Cupping Therapy. We have seen an increase over the years about people wanting to learn cupping, for themselves, or for their own company. There has been an increase demand on cupping courses to be offered to professional.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Simply, as many of my blog post, it is an alternative Chinese medicine to treat certain pain, tensions, and certain concerns. And not only people who practice this therapy is having many questions, but patients. You have to explain to them what does it do, and why are these effective. Cupping Therapy is a form of treatment that use suction on the skin, and draw, and stimulate the blood flow. Over time, cupping can help move the old blood, and bring out the fresh oxygenated blood back in. Depending on different treatment, you can have stationed treatment or moving treatment.

What can Cupping Treat?

There are many things that Cupping can treat, the common ones are muscle pain and tensions, cellulite, deep muscle tissue, lymphatic drainage, chronic pain, depression, stress, and colds. Cupping can be a secondary treatment, as many massage therapists, they would do their own, and add in cupping. Also, professionals like acupuncturists, sometimes give a mix of cupping treatment.

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Is Cupping Painful?

Well this one is one of the most frequently asked question. Why would it be part of massaging treatment if it is going to hurt? Everything should be relaxing for you! Cupping may seem to hurt because of the bruising results, in fact, it is not hurtful at all. It just allows the cupping to draw out the toxins, and clear your body.

Which cupping should I get?

There are different types of cupping available in the market. Some may think this type is better than the others. Cupping started with the fire cupping, they are made of glass, and use fire, which helps to draw out the blood. However, this technique can take a long time to master, and it is expensive to get licensed. This is where glass cupping with bulbs are created. You simply have to press the bulb, and it will create somewhat a suction. Then there are also plastic Cuppings with pumps. Creates easy suction, and plastic are very easy to clean. Looks professional, and can be close to the traditional cupping therapy. However, not everyone can afford all these, and it is not the easiest to use, and manipulate. This is where Silicone Cupping, was created. Easiest to use in the market, and silicone is very durable. As a beginner, you should look out to practice before anything. They are inexpensive as a kit, and it is a good starter. Many consumers come in, to treat cellulite, and this where they get the Anti-cellulite Treatment Kit.

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Depending on what you are treating, you should try what is best for you. For the Silicone Kit, you should try the 4 pcs, but many courses that were taught for cupping, they use our 10 pcs, from Jade Soft™. Recently, we have a really popular kit, called the Kang Zhu Plastic Cupping Set, they were quite popular among our community, because it has everything you need. Kang Zhu is a Chinese brand that is super trust-able, and durable. They are the high quality, lightweight plastic and magnetic cupping set that you can get when you just start to be a professional. Regardless that, many practitioner also get the silicone sets.

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