Massage oils, gels, creams, lotions from Canada

With so many massage oils to choose from, which one is right for you? In any catalog, you will find all sorts of oils made from essential oils, some that are nut-based or seed-based, and even some specialty oils. There’s also creams and liquids, some medicated and others not. You may also knowingly or unknowingly have allergies to certain smells or ingredients in a massage oil.

Massage oils, gels, creams, lotions from Canada


What Kind of Massage are you Getting?

Different massages require different oils. Heavier oils work for low-friction massages such as a relaxation-based or Swedish style. Heavy oils don’t absorb well and tend to be very slippery. Comparatively, lighter oils and creams are great for high-friction massages including sports rehabilitation and deep tissue massage. Light massage oil absorbs quickly and provide enough glide to prevent skin irritation.

Massage oils, gels, creams, lotions from Canada


How Will You be Getting a Massage Done?

Heavy oils can get on clothing and stain. If you don’t have access to a shower after your massage when choosing a heavy oil, you’re likely to get some on you afterwards. Even if you don’t see it in the moment, there’s always excess oil somewhere. Once it reaches your clothing, you’ll end up looking unkempt and dirty walking out of there.

What’s Your Personal Preference?

When buying a massage oil in Canada, you want it to appeal to you at least from an aromatherapy standpoint. We don’t want to walk around smelling like something we hate. Sensitivity to strong smells or allergies to certain fragrances also needs to be considered. For massage therapists, it’s recommended to carry a few different oils, including some unscented to ensure that every client is served.

Massage oils, gels, creams, lotions from Canada

There’s a Time and Place for Nut-Based Oils

Nut-based massage oils are wonderful, don’t get us wrong. That being said, some are allergic to these extracts. For a person who is allergic to something like nuts, almond oil should not be used. When buying massage supplies, be sure to look out for at least one oil that’s hypoallergenic. A hypoallergenic oil will inevitably be required because you will come across someone with an allergy that can’t have a nut-based oil or flower extract variety.

Are there any therapeutic benefits to the essential oil?

Many massage supplies with essential oils produce therapeutic effects, along the lines of pain relief and inflammation for example. In some cases, you can purchase a non-scented oil and choose your own essential oils to mix in with it. If you choose to use a massage oil with some essential oils mixed in, consider the research available on the different effects of aromatherapy.

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