Why does silicone cupping set is getting more popular?
Silicone cupping set is exploding in popularity, whether it’s for sports massage or cosmetic treatments. Prominent celebrities and athletes have been showing off their cupping marks, and cupping classes and workshops are popping up all over North America. Practitioners are pioneering new techniques and integrating cupping into established therapeutic traditions, such as lymphatic drainage and facial rejuvenation. How to explain this popularity? It’s simple: cupping really works. By pulling the muscle up, cups create a vacuum that is then filled with blood; this rush provides intense relief from muscle tensions, but also helps stimulate tissue regeneration. These functions mean that cups are equally useful for preventing soreness after a work-out as they are for getting rid of dark circles under your eyes. Though based on traditional Chinese glass cups, silicone cupping sets can also be used for a variety of treatments that would be simply impossible with cups made out of less flexible materials. One example is massage cupping: since silicone can hug the contours of your body, it allows the cups to glide across the skin. Massage therapists have made great use of this technique!
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