What is a Cork Oak Tree Like

The cork you find in wine bottles and cork yoga mats come from a type of tree known as ‘cork oak trees’.

Cork oak trees are an exquisite gift to the earth. The source of cork for every use, they are a fascinating type of tree that’s worth getting to know a bit more about.

Where Do Cork Oak Trees Grow?

Cork oak trees are found in forests in the Mediterranean, the only place they can successfully grow.

Cork oak trees are grown predominantly in Portugal but can also exist in Spain, Italy, Northern Africa, and Southern France. They require this type of micro-climate and soil types to flourish. Contrary to the case in North America, cork oak trees are grown in forests blending trees and grasslands.

What Animals Live in A Cork Oak Tree Forest?

A cork oak tree forest is the home of many animals, including rabbits, weasels, deer, and mongoose.

In the trees themselves, you will also kind kestrels, owls, black storks, and more alongside toads, geckos, skinks, and spiders.

The cork oak tree forest is a very special place with one of the highest levels of plant diversity in the world as well. Per a single square meter of cork oak tree forest, some estimates suggest as many as 135 species live within it.

A lot of these plants – lavender, rosemary, rockrose bushes, fungi, and others – exist in this environment only because of the power of the cork oak trees and their ability to sustain lives like these.

How is Cork Cultivated?

Cork is taken not by cutting down a cork oak tree but rather, it is derived from the bark.

The bark is renewable and grows back. Removing it does not kill the tree. Cork is cultivated by removing the bark on a set schedule, ensuring the tree remains living and ensuring a totally renewable source of material.

What is Cork Used For?

Cork is a product that most of us come to know to be as wine stoppers or in bulletin boards.

An area where there’s been a lot of interest in using cork is with yoga and fitness accessories. Cork’s a great material for yoga mats in particular as they are water-repellant, have a firm grip, and are antimicrobial.

Some of the best yoga mats in Canada are made from cork, an all-natural alternative to PVC, rubber, and other chemically-treated and sometimes toxic materials. For yogis and fitness enthusiasts, choosing a yoga mat is a clear sign of prioritizing environmental sustainably above other factors.

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