Why Use a Coffee Body Scrub – The Benefits Explained

Though spreading a fresh pot of coffee all over your body may seem extraordinarily dumb and frightening, did you know a coffee body scrub done right can provide a number of benefits? Circulation, skin texture, and cellulite reduction are some of what coffee scrubs can tackle.


What’s in a coffee body scrub?

Why Use a Coffee Body Scrub – The Benefits Explained 

A coffee body scrub uses coffee grounds predominantly although to heighten the skin benefits, ingredients like sea salt and coconut sugar are also common. Combining it with a coffee-friendly essential oil such as sweet almond can also help with hydration and to give the scrub a not so strong coffee smell. A total list of ingredients may include things like orange peel oil and tocopherol as well. To use it, just rub it on the body or the areas you want to treat, wash off, and repeat up to 3 times a week.


Cellulite solution!


An anti-aging coffee scrub fights cellulite in the same way some creams and very expensive treatments can. This is because caffeine stimulates dilation. When it’s applied as a scrub, the scrubbing increases circulation which plumps up the skin and makes the cellulite look less apparent. The antioxidants of coffee grounds in a coffee scrub also increases collagen production.


Gives the skin a firmer appearance


Although the effects are temporary, caffeine does have a significant impact when rubbed directly onto the skin. Now as you might suspect, when one ingests their caffeine, they’ll absorb way more of it. Rubbing caffeine on the skin, you won’t get nearly as much but it’ll be in closer contact. When this happens, the appearance of cellulite can be reduced and the skin also delivers a firmer appearance.


Coffee as an exfoliant


Coffee grounds are an exfoliants. They can be used to scrub away dead skin to bring up the healthier skin underneath. When you use a coffee body scrub as an exfoliant, you do it sans chemical. This is a natural means of skin cells with the enzymes and acidic properties existing in coffee scrub. The process of essentially creating smoother, more glowing skin also improves circulation to the skin’s surface.

 Why Use a Coffee Body Scrub – The Benefits Explained

How long do the effects last?


Some of the effects of a coffee scrub can last as long as a week. Like many scrubs, the effects aren’t permanent which requires a re-application regularly. That said, if you’re using your scrub routinely and are on top of things, long-term there are many skincare and beauty benefits. Massaging a coffee scrub into your skin will leave you with a delightful spa treatment from the comfort of your couch.


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