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Silicone cupping is a growing alternative treatment in Canada. According to estimates given in 2012, 30 percent of Canadians use at least one alternative health treatment annually. That percentage is likely higher now.

As it relates to cupping therapy, this practice dates back thousands of years ago and has been used across cultures like Egypt, China, and the Middle East. Cupping can be done through silicone or alternatively, glass, ceramic, bamboo, or plastic.

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Negative pressure is applied, which suctions tissue upwards similarly to how a massage presses downwards. As the skin is suctioned, this facilitates circulation, gets healthy blood moving into the area, and is said to provide several benefits.

From a dermatology perspective, there is some evidence to show silicone cupping sets have purpose. Cupping has been found to be superior to standard care in improving the cure rate, symptoms, and incidents of post-herpetic neuralgia, has had positive results in treating urticaria, has a major positive result in treating acne vulgaris, and is comparable or superior to typical ointments and oral medications in treating acute eczema.


Those aren’t the only skin conditions that cupping has been used to treat successfully. There are case reports of people with psoriasis who struggled to treat it with the standard steroid creams finding up to 90% remission with no new lesions presenting themselves and this is using cupping therapy alone. There are also similar numbers for patients with erysipelas.

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Cupping therapy has shown a lot of promise in potentially treating a number of dermatology conditions. It is worth noting a lot of studies analyzing cupping’s effect on skin did so with small sample sizes and so these sort of results may not be typical. That said, if you’re struggling with any of the conditions mentioned, cupping therapy might be just what you need to get you over the hump.

Scientists are still coming to understand precisely how silicone cupping works on the skin. What is known is that cupping may help to excrete oxidants from the body, while also increasing oxygenated hemoglobin in the area cupping, and increasing heat shock protein 70 and beta-endorphin expression. These are powerful effects which can potentially remedy tough-to-treat conditions.

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