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Secret strips facial masks have become so trendy all over on social medias since last year, no matter if you are searching for “anti-wrinkle strips” or “anti-aging serum” or whatever keyword combinations that you can think about on Google, there are usually millions of products waiting for you on the search results, somehow, I found this quite confusing because I simply have no idea how to pick a legit product.

Because of this reason, I have prejudice against to cosmetic / skincare categories because I simply think that those are marketing gimmicks only, where people got easily attracted by fusible facts plus the sexy images appeals so forth, that was why I often question myself about the legitimacy of the products when I read how amazing the anti-wrinkle product is online , especially when I am planning to apply this product on my own face.

Thanks to my Mom who has recently ask me to pick her an anti-wrinkle cream for her, because of this , I have actually had the opportunities to make some deep researches about how anti-wrinkle products work and what are the causes . The truth is, we can actually treat or reduce facial wrinkles within a few simple steps!

Here are the summary for this articles:

  1. Why are we having wrinkles?
  2. What is Hyaluronic acid and why is it so important?
  3. What are the treatments to reduce wrinkles?
  4. How does secret strips wrinkle serum patches work?
  5. What are the differences between Secret strips and others?
  6. What consist of the package and how to use the secret strips?
  7. How to apply the secret strips facial masks?

Why are we having wrinkles?

Before I start introduce the secret strips anti aging serum, it's always good to understand why and how the causes of the wrinkles. Generally, people are having facial wrinkles because of two main reason, 1) environmental and 2) genetic factors, for environmental / behavioural examples will be smoking, sunburn or even some medications will cause people to have wrinkles, the most important key factor here -the dehydration.

When your face is exposure under dehydration, your skin becomes thinner, drier and thus less elastic, thus that is how you found wrinkles, creases and lines on the skins, when a person is young, their skin always springs back, however, such things are not often the case because the cell is growing slower, and also the skin loses its flexibility overtime, without a proper care and maintenances, the lines of the wrinkle will be even more prominent.

In terms of scientific explanation how sunburn will cause the wrinkles, as we all know the sun contain the ultraviolet light, the beam will breaks down the collagen and elastic fibres under the surface of your skin, which often plays the roles for supporting the skin, without these fibres, your skin will start to droop, which is how we refer a wrinkles. 

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What is Hyaluronic acid and why is it so important for anti-aging products?

That is why most of the anti-aging serum or facial masks are contain Hyaluronic acid (A.K.A HA), which is the perfect substance to help the skin to attract and retain moisture. Since this is actually a sugar molecule that naturally can be found inside our skin and joints, the word “hyaluronic acid”, which sound a bit scary and chemical, in fact this element is perfectly safe to put on your skin without worry that will hurt the skin surface.

What are the treatments to reduce wrinkles?

Generally, there are two common methods which use it treating wrinkles, the 1) Medication method as well as the 2) dermabrasion, the secret strips anti wrinkles serum focuses on the medication side.

  1. Medication
  2. Dermabrasion

Lots of the anti-wrinkle cream that you found from Pharmacies contain substances such as hydroxy acid, kinetic, or different forms of antioxidants, in our case of the secret strips bundles, they uses substances such as Vitis vinifera (grape) seed extract as well as aloe leaf extract, which is shown effective in combating wrinkle and aging. However, for the “over the counter” types of wrinkle prevention products, such things do not usually last long due to the facts of moisture preservation and also low ingredient concentration because of the mass production. This leads to an important role why secret strips facial masks are different than the traditional facial solution.

How does secret strips wrinkle serum patches work?

According to the site of the secret strips, they claimed themselves that it uses a “multi-dimension lifting” technology, in which the ant-aging strip will create a honeycomb network to support and tighten the skin, this elastic net will expand and stretches with multiple dimension after applying it, the implementation of this type of technology had never happened before in the cosmetic field, it is probably one the innovation that the company emphasize, what is the best, this product also came with a package of Hyaluronic acid serum so you can apply that with the facial masks itself altogether to ensure that your skin will receive the maximum hydration to combat the wrinkle.

What are the differences between Secret strips and other anti-wrinkle cream/products?

1)    Lots of fast wrinkle removal cream only work temporarily because what they do is simply mimicking the result of a face lift by tightening up the skin appearance, which is not promising to solve the essence cause of wrinkles problem from dehydration.

2)    Some of the anti-aging products are containing harmful chemicals such as unnatural ingredients or artificial fragrances, which is not really good for the skin in the long term. On the other hands, the secret strips use natural ingredient such as Centella Asiatica, aloe barbardensis leaf extract, such components have been proven effective on rejuvenating skin cells.

3)    Since this product can preserve the moisture longer because of its microcrystalline gel structure, you can also serve this product as facial masks.

What consist of the package and how to use the secret strips?

The secret strips anti-wrinkle bundle packs consist of the following treatment sets that tailor to specific areas on your face:

1) Anti-wrinkle eye treatment masks
2) Anti-wrinkle frown line masks
3) Anti-wrinkle nasolabial mask strips
4) Anti-wrinkle facial masks 
5) The HA hyaluronic acid serum

How to apply the secret strips facial masks?

To apply the product is simple, simply remove the protective layers and moisten with the hyaluronic acid essence before applying to your face and make sure your face is completely cleaned before applying the whole process, allow to moisture your face for a night or so.


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