How to Do Facial Cupping at Home

After trying their first session, many Canadians have found out facial cupping was the face massage they never knew they needed. What’s ever better is that you don’t necessarily need a practitioner to give yourself facial cupping at home. Here’s a little bit on how cupping works, where you can find a cupping set, and the advantages of doing it yourself.

Cupping has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and elsewhere as a form of healing and stress relief. Traditional cupping uses suction cups to lift tissue upwards, somewhat opposite to a massage which presses it downwards. From there, new blood rushes in, circulation increases, and different aspects of healing in the muscles are initiated. Although this is done on the body, you can also do it on the face hence the term ‘facial cupping’.

Facial Silicone cupping from Canada for anti-wrinkle anti-aging


For all intents and purposes, facial cupping works the same as body cupping with the exception that the cups are generally a little smaller and the technique itself is gentler. Suctioning facial tissue, tension is relieved, circulation improves, lymphatic drainage takes hold, skin cell repair initiates, and the regeneration of this part of the body begins to take route. Some believe a treatment also helps to regulate the body’s internal flow of life force energy. Although not scientifically proven, many patients have continued to communicate this as a reality for them.

Now in terms of performing facial cupping at home, it’s very easy to do. Unlike body cupping which oftentimes involves placing the cups on the back – an area you can’t reach – facial cupping, you can see everything yourself. You can place the cups, control the suction, and remove them the way you like. All you need to get started is a silicone cupping set. The advantages of silicone are that it’s also much easier to use than glass, wood, or other materials.

Facial Silicone cupping therapy from Canada


Cupping sets made specific to the face use cups that are small and soft. This is done not to damage the skin on your face. This way, skin is pulled away gently, achieving the rejuvenation you’re chasing but without the round purple cupping marks common when cups are applied to the back. A jade soft cupping set is perfect for this as it’s specifically soft. These cups may be ineffective at relieving body aches and pains but on the face, they are the perfect design.

You don’t need any advanced knowledge on how to do cupping at home to do it. In fact, if there are any questions, YouTube has plenty of tutorials. That said, it’s relatively straightforward. Place your cups, create suction, wait, and remove – easy as that. Cupping massage therapy isn’t complicated. See the benefits yourself with increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and a more youthful, vibrant, and even skin appearance. The results will speak for themselves. Say goodbye to dull, down looking skin!

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