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Buying moisturizer is an obvious must-do but browsing the aisles of skin care products, you’ll immediately see the challenge. Which moisturizer do you choose? So many different brands, choices, and buzz words plastered over the packaging. ‘Face creams’, ‘face lotions’, face moisturizers’, ‘moisturizing lotion’, and ‘moisturizing ointment’ – it’s all there. Some for dry skin, sensitive skin, light skin, and dark skin, and we haven’t even got to the different ingredients you can mix in.

Does my skin really need a moisturizer?

Yes. Regardless of whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or a combination of the two, moisturizer is a must-have. For itchy, dry, or irritated skin in this vein, you’ll want something thick like an ointment. Comparatively, moisturizing creams are thinner and are better for normal skin. Then, there are lotions which are very light and an excellent match to oily skin. The best hydrating lotion or moisturizer varies from person to person, evidently based entirely on their skin type.

Basic facts about choosing a moisturizer
  • Do yourself a favor and get a moisturizer with a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. It’s dermatologist-recommended. Otherwise, you’re going to have to apply a sunscreen and then go for your moisturizer.
  • Antioxidants like green tea, chamomile, pomegranate, or licorice root extract help to neutralize free radicals i.e. molecules that break down skin cells. How to choose moisturizer for your skin involves knowing what’s in it and any antioxidants are a very good thing.
  • For acne-prone skin, you will want to find a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic which means it won’t clog your pores. This can be a key point to ensuring you don’t end up covered in acne, at least for those who are prone.
  • For dry skin, a heavier moisturizer with ingredients like hyaluronic acid or dimethicone will keep your skin hydrated. Elements like glycerin, propylene glycol, and proteins attract moisture to the skin and then, things like lanolin, mineral oil, or petrolatum lock it in.
  • For sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free moisturizer’s a necessity. Any moisturizer which doesn’t irritate the skin is a winner. Ideally, you want less than 10 ingredients, which will mean fewer interactions on fragile skin.

buy rose and almond derma e body lotion at lierre.caWhat to avoid with a moisturizer

When you want to moisturize your skin, ignore any colorings or perfumes, avoid pore-clogging body-friendly ingredients like shea butter or lanolin, avoid too many acids in the same product, avoid overusing steroidal ingredients, and stay away from urea or lactic acids which will dry out your skin. A moisturizer like Derma-E hydrating body lotion is an easy favorite because you get benefits while navigating beyond all these things to avoid.

A moisturizer is a powerful weapon in one’s daily skin care routine. Don’t forget it! Your skin will thank you. Take the time every morning to give your skin some love.

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