What Are the Benefits of Shea Butter for Face and Hair

Shea butter is a West African-based beauty cream. It is made from kernels inside shea tree fruit. Shea butter’s been used for thousands of years by African families. It is rich in vitamins A, E, F, essential fatty acids, and is packed with antioxidants. Recently, it is recommended by a number of Instagram influencers and beauty lovers for benefiting hair and face. Here is the ultimate guide of the ingredients inside shea butter and how to use it. 

Shea butter is an excellent choice as face cream. It’s known to rejuvenate skin cells. It sees application for skin conditions like rashes, dryness, burns, acne, and stretch marks. Regardless of skin type, shea butter seems to work wonders on everyone. It is said by a lot that shea butter can be an effective cure for acne in particular. 

Pure and natural, shea butter is an unrefined and nurturing beauty product that you can use anywhere on the body. This is why, in Africa, shea butter sees use as protection against sun damage and the dryness of the climate. In winters, skin needs more protection to fit the dryness of the air. so applying shea butter can be a good solution. 

Years ago, shea butter was discovered for its skin beauty benefits. Virtually every skincare brand has shea butter included in their list of ingredients. There’s also shea butter for skin lightening. It’s nourishing and moisturizing, and very inexpensive compared to other ‘miracle creams’. Let’s be clear, this isn’t no miracle. Shea butter just happens to be very good at what it does – treat skin right.

Shea butter also has benefits for hair also make up a long list. First, it has some great hair conditioning properties. It will moisturize and soften hair just right. If you have a lot of messy hair to tame and comb straight, shea butter works pretty well. The vitamins and antioxidants wrap themselves around the hair. It then all gets sealed in with a slim layer of fat. It’s all in the shea butter.

Lovers of shea butter also use if for hair also find it prevents breakages and reduces scalp irritation. Use it overnight on damage hair and you might as well be putting your hair into a sauna of high humidity. Come morning, your hair will be infused with vitamins E and A, minerals like magnesium and copper, and fatty acids. It’s a great way to help give unhealthy hair a way to bounce back. Used repeatedly for several nights, you may even find it to rejuvenate weaker hair follicles and encourage hair growth.


On the subject of hair and face, obviously day to day we deal with a lot of UV rays and environmental pollution. We don’t necessarily see it but it’s there. If we don’t protect your skin, hair, and bodies, we incur small, gradual damage from this exposure. Besides, changing to clean pillowcases and sheets every week can also help protect skin and hair from germs. You cannot imagine how much germs that hair can carry in a day, which will be harmful to the skin. 

Enter in shea butter. A little bit of shea butter in your hair in particular can offer unparalleled protection against the UV rays and air pollutants that would normally entangle themselves in hair.

Shea butter’s a must-have beauty cream. If you don’t already have some, get yours from Lierre.ca. No chemicals. No risk. It’s all-natural, beneficial on the skin and hair, and is a natural moisturizer you won’t want to put down. Visit Lierre.ca today.

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