Dynamic Tape Global Ltd is a Physiotherapy equipment supplier which was founded by Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Ryan Kendrick, and Swedish Physiotherapist, Ylva Kendrick. In order to help athletes, clinicians and clients to manage load, modify movement patterns and assist function, Ryan and Ylva launched their first biomechanical tape–Dynamic Tape in 2010. Due to the clinical effectiveness of Dynamic Tape, Dynamic Tape Global has expanded rapidly from Australia to more than 50 countries worldwide. Now it is highly qualified by instructors from Physiotherapy, Athletic Training, and Registered Massage Therapy.

Dynamic Tape

1. No movement-restriction

2. Absorbing workload

3. Re-injecting energy

Unqualified Tapes

1. Movement restriction

2. Not absorbing workload

3. Not contributing energy effectively

QUICK STEPs TO load management!

Manage Load. Manage Movement. 

Manage Function.

Reduce load on your body

Provides an external force to assist your body movement

4-way stretch 

No rigid endpoint-promotes natural full movement


Handles water well if apply it appropriately

Dries quickly

QUICK STEPs TO Load Management!

An effective adjunctive clinical tool to manage muscle strains and ligaments sprains, overuse and biomechanical.

Apply On Your Muscles and Joints

  • Trap

  • Chest

  • Shoulder

  • Quad

  • Knee

  • Wrist

  • Ankle

  • Finger

Brand New System

The company’s new packaging system has removed all single use plastics and tape protection–all packaging is recyclable

The Original Dynamic Tape

The Original Dynamic Tape with black tattoo or beige tattoo on a beige background is also recyclable

Dynamic Tape Eco

  • An eco-friendly product

  • New developed patented material made from plastic bottles

  • Slightly lower recoil but much higher resistance

  • Restore normalized movement patterns

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Customer Reviews

Debbie McRae

“The Dynamic Tape is a great product as I was using it for a knee injury.”


Cathy Fracalanza

“Great quality, speed delivery and price”


Approved by Athletes

Dynamic Tape is trusted and used by many athletes across the world 

Grounded in Research

Actual research and case studies have shown that Dynamic Tape really helps people improve their performances

Recommended by FICS

Dynamic Tape has been thoroughly tested and recommended by FICS as “Empowering Athletes to Maximal Performance…NATURALLY”