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Acupuncture clinics have been shut down throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. Fortunately, economic recovery province-by-province and stage-by-stage has meant acupuncturists being able to work again.

Even if your acupuncture clinic isn’t open yet, it doesn’t hurt to stock up on inventory while summertime sales have priced as low as ever. High-quality acupuncture needles you will find at

Lierre’s Anniversary Sale is all July long. As we come upon the twelve-year mark, with all the medical practitioners and clinics we’ve worked with, we’re giving back with low prices and discounts on acupuncture needles and supplies.

Buy acupuncture needles from a wide variety of brands. All needles you’ll find in the Lierre catalogue are sourced from quality places. We take quality control seriously. There’s no more opportune time or place to shop stainless steel multi-variety acupuncture needles than with us.

Think about it. If there’s one thing that makes or break an acupuncture session – quite literally – acupuncture needles are it. More than the acupuncturist, even the best won’t be able to fulfill expectations and deliver the experience they want without good-quality needles.

Every patient’s different. Some prefer thin needles while others want thicker ones. The style of treatment might also necessitate a different type of acupuncture needle. For acupuncture medical clinics that want some variety, Lierre has options.

Lierre has made its name serving medical offices of acupuncture practitioners, chronic pain specialists, chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists, and more. Our medical-grade clinic supplies are used across Canada and that’s a responsibility we believe in.

Having seen it first-hand, we also know the power of acupuncture. For conditions that are notoriously difficult to treat by Western medicine, acupuncture has helped to facilitate healing, function, and better quality of life. For headaches, inflammation, pain, and stiffness, in many patients, acupuncture works. It’s important to ensure these clinics have access to quality acupuncture supplies, including needles, and that’s why has always delivered.

Like we said, even if your clinic isn’t open. Stock up. Now’s the time. Prices are low, we deliver, and re-ordering should/when you decide to do so is easy. Find brands like ShinLin, Acu Relaxo, and of course the Lierre store brand. Buy them in the amounts you need and at the price you want.

Come time for when all acupuncture clinics are open in Canada, your office will be ready.’s Anniversary Sale only comes once a year. Shop the sale with no coupon code needed. Celebrate with us and check out some of our other medical clinic supplies as well. See sales chopping down $100s off regular price. The entire inventory is up for grabs. Let’s go!

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