What Conditions Can Be Treated With Acupuncture – See The List

Acupuncture isn’t just a way to alleviate pain. It’s from traditional Chinese medicine that’s been successful at treating dozens of conditions. Acupuncture has a long history and professional acupuncture practitioners have helped a number of patients relieve from various issues in the bodies. Though Western medicine’s been slow to take acupuncture up, here are some of the conditions it can be used to manage that you should know. 

Acupuncture for pain

Throughout acupuncture history, it’s been used for pain acute and chronic a lot. By inserting needles into strategic areas of the body, it initiates a healing response from the central nervous system. Chemicals are flushed through the body which helps to manage pain sensations. Sometimes, pains are caused by disorders in the system inside the body, and acupuncture can activate the problematic circulation by stimulating specific points on the body. When the circulation is smooth, no disease or uncomfortable feelings will occur.      


Acupuncture for depression

Acupuncture has been found to ease depression in some patients. In minor cases of it, acupuncture’s been shown to be as effective as antidepressants. That said, Western medicine continues to classify it as a ‘complementary therapy’ rather than a first-line treatment. There are usually long winters in Canada, and a number of people suffer from winter blues. Reasons can be the absence of sunshine for a dozens of days and the cold weather brings tension. Acupuncturists in Montreal have identified that they see an increase in the number of patients who suffer from depression in winter. Regular acupuncture treatments can help to ease their conditions. 

Acupuncture for anxiety

Another mental health condition acupuncture ( a TCM treatment in which acupuncture needles are inserted into the body) can successfully treat is anxiety. On relaxation and stress relief, symptoms of anxiety reduce significantly. It is believed the calming effects of the needles impacts the nervous system and temporarily adjusts how the brain works. Though researchers are not clear on why acupuncture helps anxiety, no one is disputing it does. 


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Acupuncture for nausea

Acupuncture points exist on the body that can help a great deal in relieving nausea and/or vomiting. These areas are stimulated with high-quality acupuncture needles particularly among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. If you want to receive acupuncture for nausea, ensure your practitioner knows beforehand so they can tailor your treatment accordingly.

Acupuncture for headaches

Headaches are difficult to treat. Over-the-counter medications don’t always work. Strong pharmaceuticals come with health risks. There are no acupuncture side effects. It either works or doesn’t. Acupuncture for chronic headaches and/or migraines reduces the frequency and sometimes intensity. This is a therapy that is an excellent alternative to risky tablets.


Acupuncture for Parkinson’s disease

A lot of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be relieved – sometimes fully – with regular acupuncture treatments. Pain, anxiety, depression, hot flashes, and abnormal sweating all decrease following acupuncture. Considering how these all can relate with Parkinson’s to the nervous system, the calming effect on it initiated through acupuncture provides tremendous effect.

Acupuncture for asthma

Some use acupuncture for respiratory conditions like asthma and sinusitis. If you struggle with symptoms like wheezing, difficulty breathing, itchy eyes, or sneezing, try a few rounds of acupuncture. It is likely you will see lung function improve and ultimately be less reliant on medications to manage your condition.

Acupuncture for infertility

Acupuncture for infertility is a growing source of interest for many researchers. Little evidence suggests a connection but some women have found improvements in fertility and libido from acupuncture. It does this, it is believed, by boosting circulation to the reproductive organs and resolving hormonal imbalances. That said, evidence is limited.

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