Embracing Acupuncture in Canada as a Means to Solving Pain, Discomfort, and Physical Stress

Acupuncture use is on the rise in Canada, with a more culturally diverse population and international influence becoming informed. Chinese-inspired acupuncture is proven to be effective, by Western medicine standards, at treating a variety of common diseases. This has always been known by the Chinese, who invented acupuncture and are now being appreciated by practitioners, consumers, and even the World Health Organization.

Acupuncture works by inserting needs into specific points on the body. These points are defined in location and structure as ‘acupoints’. Acupuncture therapy has been used for 1000s of years in China. Since the 1970s, there’s been a gradual increase in interest on how acupuncture can apply to patients. Healthcare in Canada, and current estimates suggest that there are more than 3800 acupuncture practitioners in Canada alone.



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To the new generation of doctors, nurses, and healthcare advocates, preventative medicine and non-pharmaceutical treatments are becoming popular. In an era where medications like opioids are proving to be dangerous, the use of acupuncture needles in comparison is risk-free, 100% safe, and presents with no side effects. There are hospitals and medical facilities who are even using acupuncture or considering its use for everything from cancer assistive therapy to treating back pain, nausea, depression, insomnia, and infertility.

Hundreds of studies exist supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture on emotional, degenerative, metabolic, neurological, digestive, and reproductive related systemic diseases. Practitioners are being encouraged to learn more about different needle techniques, going in depth to solve the designated issue, understand the relationship between acupoints, and more. As a medical supply store to buy acupuncture needles in Canada, practitioners come to lierre.ca looking for supplies.

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What Can Acupuncture Do?

From a patient’s perspective, as we age, our bodies carry a lot of stress. Stress exists from commitments to family and work, and worrying about our mental health. There’s even stress carried in the building blocks of our cells. The only way to resolve the pain and stress we carry is to render said stress, countering it with something to absorb. Acupuncture, in a way, does exactly that. It provides the body with a way to release stress, stimulating pain responses and the central nervous system in a way that calms and relaxes you.

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