Acupuncturist practitioners and consumers alike want to know the acupuncture needles they’re using are high quality. But how does one actually know what they have is high quality – as an acupuncture manufacturer-supplier ourselves, we know it’s not easy on looks alone. That said, there are some ways to verify whether an acupuncture needle is up to par. Here’s a little bit more about high quality acupuncture needles.


Any manufacturer worth their weight is going to desire to produce an acupuncture needle that accomplishes treatment effectively and painlessly. For this to happen, the acupuncture needle should penetrate the skin gently with little to no discomfort to the patient. In defining quality, we must first look to the quality of the steel. Low quality steel can contain entrapped air, elevating the risk of the material breaking. No one wants an acupuncture needle to break as it’s going in. Thereby, high quality acupuncture needles are made from stainless steel which maintains that flexibility but with strong material composition as well.

How Lierre Acupuncture Needles Are Actually Made. Present by
How Lierre Acupuncture Needles Are Actually Made. Present by

The material used is not the only way we know whether a needle is quality or not. The pinpoint should be sharp. Grinding and sharpening the pinpoint to a thin diameter. High-precision machines are usually required for sharpening, as there are too many variables when done by hand which could result in a low quality needle. The needle should also be polished as to ensure a smooth surface structure. Regarding finishing, it’s recommended for quality acupuncture needles to be coated with a silicone layer across the length of the needle. Medical-grade silicone like this should adhere strongly to the needle, assisting in delivering a strong performance.

There’s also a necessary need to know every needle has been sterilized and safely packaged. Should you ever receive lackluster packaging or if your supplier is not able to tell you where your acupuncture needles are being manufactured, that’s a red flag the product may not be as sterilized as hoped for. A proper acupuncture needle manufacturing facility should have strong quality control standards, ensuring needles are regularly put through quality checks before packaging and being sent off. When you do have a high quality needle, acupuncture is nearly painless. At the end of the day, there’s a lot that goes into producing an excellent quality acupuncture needle.

How Acupuncture Needles Are Actually Made. Present by
How Acupuncture Needles Are Actually Made. Present by

The path to the perfect acupuncture needle is paved by having the right partner. The next time you need to order acupuncture needles, verify that you’re with a supplier with has a proper facility, with strong quality control standards, and with the necessary equipment to ensure measured acupuncture needles in line with your expectations. As an acupuncturist, high quality acupuncture needles will provide you the self-assurance to know the service you’re delivering is safe, effective, and as promised.

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