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Acu Relaxo acupuncture needles are perhaps Canada’s best brand but few outside of acupuncturists and practitioners know about the product. Chances are if you’ve had acupuncture done on you in Canada before, and especially if you’re a regular user of acupuncture, you’ve probably had Acu Relaxo used on you.

Acu Relaxo has the benefit of being available in so many different sizes. Diameter-wise, acupuncture needles in Canada are available from 0.14 mm to 0.35 mm, and length size is between 13 mm and 125 mm. As a practitioner, there’s a lot to play with that allows you to accumulate a diverse collection of needles.

What size needles for acupuncture?

Quality-wise, Acu Relaxo is one of the most reliable brands. They’ve consistently met every practitioner’s need from a needle and maximizes patients’ comfort during treatment which is so important. No patient wants to be in pain receiving their regularly scheduled acupuncture. Consistently high quality needles are the only way to near guarantee there will be no discomfort.

The design itself includes a silicone-coated needle shaft which ensures a safe and painless insertion. The copper wire-wound loop handle tops and one needle one guide tube, acupuncturists appreciate. Every needle is individually packaged, usually sold in a box of 100 acupuncture needles. Computer quality control processes also ensure a consistent Acu Relaxo needle each and every time. You know exactly what you’re getting with a box of needles from this brand. Here are some other basic guidelines on how Acu Relaxo needles are tested and manufactured.

How do you choose acupuncture needles?

  • The material used for these needles is the highest quality German stainless steel.
  • Furthermore, the copper-wound loop handles make them easy to manipulate when/if necessary.
  • The shaft of every Acu Relaxo needle is refined through repeated polishing, achieving a smooth, slide-friendly needle tip.
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