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For years, acupuncture was doubted as a viable pain management treatment. Then, the world began to see how acupuncture was helping men and women struggling to control their pain levels. Needless to say, opinions changed. Now that acupuncture is a widely adopted form of pain management, you might be asking yourself what’s the secret. Well, as it turns out, the most effective pain relief that comes from acupuncture boils down to a single element – the twist.

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According to a study published in 2010, scientists found that after an acupuncture needle’s placed, twisting it is the secret. The twisting technique intentionally damages the cells around its fine point and causes the body to release the anti-inflammatory chemical adenosine. Although acupuncture needles are closely attached to traditional Chinese medicine and philosophies about improving the flow of energy within the body’s perceived meridians, science has produced a different explanation as to why acupuncture works. Adenosine is a natural painkiller. In order to have it released, there be tissue damage to stimulate production. Upon release, adenosine is effective for up to an hour post-treatment.   Any modern acupuncture treatment involves pressing fine acupuncture needles a few centimetres into the body at specific points. They can be heated, twisted, or electrified. Depending on the practitioner, they may claim one is above the others in how they prefer to use it.

Although conventional medicine and doctors continue to doubt acupuncture’s effectiveness, attributing it to a placebo effect, studies like the one we’re speaking about here highlight verifiable evidence on it as a treatment. That said, in order for acupuncture to work effectively, one must know where to place and how to move the needle. Why placement is so important has not to do with energy pathways but rather, these are where major nerves are expected to track and where the most adenosine receptors are expected to be found. Although one can debate the scientific evidenced associated with other benefits of acupuncture, when it comes to its pain-killing properties, this is indisputable. Adenosine is an extremely potent anti-inflammatory compound. Most chronic pain has been found to either be directly caused by or worsened with inflammation. Thereby, having it present can make a significant difference. Acupuncture needles in Canada should be rotated periodically, to accomplish this release.

Buy acupuncture needles in bulk from If you’re looking to engage in acupuncture regularly, this is the most cost-effective way to go. Complement pain-killing medications and treatments you may already have going. Some have even found acupuncture helps them to reduce their pharmaceutical medications and assists with detoxification. Activate healing mechanisms throughout the body using acupuncture as a guide.

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