Can Acupuncture help Treat Menopause Symptoms in Women – read here!
The years leading into early menopause can come with emotional and physical symptoms incredibly tough to manage. For some women, it can be pretty harsh. Although hormone replacement therapy can help ease some symptoms, it’s not recommended for all women and yes, it can be quite expensive. According to a recent study published in the British Medical Journal however, there’s one thing that might work to remedy menopause symptoms and that’s acupuncture. A five-week study at the University of Southern Denmark tested acupuncture’s effect on menopause symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, and emotional issues. Acupuncture, in a five week period, reduced the severity and prominence of these symptoms almost instantly. Safe, cost effective, and simple, there were also very few side effects. Does acupuncture work for night sweats? Although the underlying mechanism of how acupuncture works is not identified, what’s evident is that there’s something to it. Women suffering from menopause symptoms should be informed about the potential of acupuncture. For this study, fine acupuncture needles were inserted into 70 women suffering from moderate-to-severe symptoms. Approximately 80 percent of women studied reported moderate to significant improvements in all symptoms. It might not work for everyone and the degree to which acupuncture in Canada helps can vary however it’s absolutely something to try if you’re down on your luck and you don’t know what to do. For some women, it hits harder than others. For some, their anxiety can shoot through the roof, maybe they feel bloated, or maybe they’re not sleeping. Acupuncture needles after a single session aren’t going to do much but over time, you should notice symptoms begin to fade. You might start to notice your night sweats aren’t as bad after your first couple sessions. Then, you might notice after a few more your anxiety’s gone away. After a couple weeks, you’ll probably find yourself much more relaxed. Can acupuncture help with menopausal flushes? Menopausal symptoms are going to affect most women as they reach a certain age. It’s ultimately up to them what they hope to do about it. If symptoms are mild enough to be managed, that’s a good sign. If they’re moderate to severe, you might need something to help. There aren’t many simple, safe therapies out there for menopause but acupuncture’s one. Can acupuncture help with menopause symptoms? If you’re interested in having acupuncture treatment done, it is available on certain insurance plans and may be covered under provincial healthcare in some provinces however only for certain conditions as well as on limited sessions. To get acupuncture done without having to go to a practitioner, visit Canada’s Buy acupuncture needles and get yourself set up with everything you need to tap into the benefits of acupuncture today.
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