buy acupuncture needles without a license

Can you buy acupuncture needles without a license?

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been practiced for thousand of years. As acupuncture becomes more popular in alternative therapy, the big question comes to acupuncture needles. Most people are concerning that can anyone buy those needles without any license? 

buy acupuncture needles without a license

Can you buy acupuncture needles without a license?

It really depends on which country you are because different countries have different regulations about purchasing acupuncture needles. For example, FDA only allows certified acupuncturists to buy acupuncture needles in United States, whereas Health Canada allows all group of people to buy acupuncture needles in Canada

Nevertheless, Canadian acupuncture needles suppliers generally not selling acupuncture needles to people who do not have a certification in acupuncture in order to protect the public. The reason is for safety purpose: people could easily get hurt by inappropriate uses of acupuncture needles. If you want to do acupuncture, it is better to find a professional. 

What should I do if I want to buy acupuncture needles for myself?

The answer is even if you want, please do not buy acupuncture needles and do acupuncture for yourself. According to the safety purposes, you can easily get in trouble if you do not have the right training, you do not know the exact acu-points, or you do not insert the needles correctly. As a result, if you are not a certified acupuncturist, please always refer back to a professional, and do not try do acupuncture by yourself!

Additionally, the professionals have to buy acupuncture needles from trusted sellers because everyone wants to ensure that the acupuncturist is using the right acupuncture needles during treating sessions. Using poor-quality needles is a big danger to the patients.

In conclusion, on one hand, acupuncturists should know that they need to be qualified for purchasing acupuncture needles. On the other hand, the patients should find a professional for doing acupuncture instead of buying acupuncture needles and do it at home. Acupuncture is the safest treatment you can get, but you have to consider and prevent the risk.


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