Did you know Acupuncture can Help with Seasonal Allergies – Give it a Try

Spring’s allergy season is tough to handle for people prone to itchy eyes, runny nose, or uncontrollable sneezing. Trying to fit in natural remedies with pharmaceutical medications can come with side effects.

Did you know acupuncture may in fact be able to help combat allergies – it’s true. Several studies have been published on the subject, including most notably a 2015 analysis which concluded across more than a dozen studies looking at nearly 2,400 people that there was evidence acupuncture could remedy symptoms of allergic rhinitis and potentially other allergies.

Can acupuncture help with skin allergies?

Can acupuncture help with skin allergies?

As has been found to be the case, acupuncture can remedy nasal symptoms in many cases of allergies, cold, and flu. Clinicians in the United States are actually recommended to offer acupuncture to patients suffering from allergies and who would like to seek an alternative to medicine.

Why acupuncture works has to do with how allergies work. Allergies are the immune system’s reaction to the environment. Acupuncture is believed to help regulate the body’s immune system, from a Western medicine point of view.

From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, acupuncture is believed to work off 14 energy channels in the body. Each channel is called a ‘meridian’ and is connected to an internal organ. Across each meridian, there are hundreds of points. The energy flows through these points however, as with any system, the flow can get backed up. As this happens, it throws the whole body off-balance. By puncturing the points, you free the energy blockage and following acupuncture, the body’s re-balance.

Is acupuncture really effective?

Is acupuncture really effective?

Now as to why acupuncture works for seasonal allergies, two channels are focused on to free energy – one in the lung and the other the stomach. To engage the lung qi, needles are placed strategically across the arm and chest. For the stomach qi, needles are focused around the nose, and sometimes down the stomach and leg. As these areas are engaged, seasonal allergy symptoms dissipate and a person is left with somewhat long-term effects. If done regularly, seasonal allergy struggles can be no more.

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