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You don’t want your acupuncture needles to come from a low grade manufacturing facility, where there aren’t any quality control standards. After all, these items will be pricking into our clients’ bodies. No acupuncture practitioner wants to be responsible for any harm that comes onto a patient and needless to say, we all want the highest quality possible in the needles we select.

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For these reasons, sometimes going for cheap acupuncture needles is a bad idea. Some companies manufacture their acupuncture needles in China where labor is notoriously cheap and the quality variables are not always where they should to be. Sadly there can be compromises on the type of metal used, the sharpening methods, and the type of room the needles are assembled and packaged in.

Also, stainless steel comes in many different grades, each with their own properties and some which can greatly impact the quality of your acupuncture treatment. In some, lubricants aren’t used. In others, low-end needles are outsourced for sharpening and then brought back to be sterilized. There’s no telling whether a needle has been sharpened to the quality standard we hope for in Canada.

Ideally, in manufacturing acupuncture needles, you want to ensure it’s being done in a large room with the appropriate quality standards set. There are cleanliness standards to uphold, with minimal bacteria ending up on the shaft of the needle. Needles should be properly sterilized thoroughly. Otherwise, a patient who is sensitive to the bacteria or protein left on the shaft of needles could end up very sick. This can also cause redness on the skin, possibly resulting in hives or itching.

For any acupuncture practitioner, it’s not worth it to save money if the result is low quality acupuncture needles that are unable to do their job. For this reason, ensure where your acupuncture needles are from adhere to the necessary quality control standards. As an acupuncturist, you should be confident in the product you’re purchasing and have no question as to the quality.

How do you evaluate acupuncture needles’ quality – the answer’s easy. Buy from a reputable supplier. Pain and allergic reactions are always a risk. Thankfully, in the past two decades, manufacturing standards have come a long way in the production of acupuncture needles. Even so, surface irregularities and bent needle tips are still present in some acupuncture needle kits. Shopping with a low quality acupuncture accessories supplier, unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

Acupuncture is one of the most frequently used alternative therapies and complimentary therapies used in Canada. If you’re a practitioner, help us maintain a high standard for acupuncture needles by selecting a brand where you know the product is properly formed, sharpened, and cleansed.

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