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These traditional Chinese acupuncture needles are made from surgical steel, and manufactured following the quality control procedures of ISO13485, FDA and CAMCAS. Each needle has a copper wound loop handle and comes in a guide tube. This type of acupuncture needle is used by most acupuncturist groups in China: known for emphasizing Qi during treatment, they represent a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Practitioners will be able to feel the needles when they go through muscles, and they are incredibly responsive and intuitive needles to work with; patients will also appreciate how smoothly they can be inserted into the skin.

  • 5 needles per guide tube
  • Guide tube is available for each needle
  • Smooth insertion and traditional feel
  • Copper wound loop handles
  • 500 needles per box
Acupuncture needles are the most important instrument in your practice. If you want to make sure that your treatments are effective, safe and comfortable, trusting your equipment is crucial. To ensure that our needles meet acupuncturists?needs, every brand of acupuncture needle on sale at our store is tried-and-true, selected by professionals and preferred by acupuncturists. Lierre's acupuncture needles respond to the highest standards of manufacturing, and have met approval from the FDA, CAMDAS and CE norms. Lierre's selection includes silicone coated and non-coated needles, spring and copper-wound needles, Korean and Chinese needles, as well as a variety of specialized needles, including extra long needles and lancets. We aim to respond to the needs of every type of practitioner!
We are prepared a variety of package to accommodate even the most budget conscious practitioner, and our shipping policy will make it easy for Canadian practitioners to stock up even if they live across the country from Montreal. Consider buying in bulk to save even more money with our thousand needle packages!
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