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There is still no study found that magnets actually heal your injuries completely, but it has been used by many, that it is a kind of placebo; like for pain reliever. Magnet therapy is well practiced in today’s modern society, it is an alternate medical practice that uses static or unmoving magnets to lighten the pain and help the healing of other health concerns. Magnetic therapist uses therapeutic magnets in order to treat any pain in your body. They use those to balance your body that already naturally have magnetic field. Magnetic therapy has become more popular because it helps blood circulation and is good to treat certain skin disease as well. But what does magnetism do in general? It produces a magnetic field that attracts the iron in the hemoglobin which improves the blood flow circulation. With that, it will boost the immune system and decrease toxins. This is how magnetic therapy works to reduce pain and inflammation in your body.

Then, what are the benefits?

  1. It is a natural pain reliever
  2. Some research say that it affects ion channels, and that reduce the nerve pain signals. And those ion channels produce a movement through cellular gateways, which control the pain signals and muscle contraction.
  3. By using magnets has its own advantage, it is a safe practice, and can last for a long time (reusable) and has no side effect!
  4. It helps healing after injury or after surgery
  5. Magneto therapy can provide the ice and heat to affect blood flow on injured areas, and it works faster than traditionally used.
  6. Magnets reduce swells, bruises, and pain, which is why it speeds up the healing of bone fractures or any wounds.
  7. It helps to have better sleep
  8. Magnets also help you to destress your entire body, it helps to have a gentle experience. You will fall asleep faster and can rest better throughout your night.
  9. It also prevents from aging
  10. It also reinforce energy

It is not recommended to use it when …

  • Pregnant women or infants
  • People who wear pacemaker because magnetic fields do affect heartbeat
  • People who use defibrillators
  • Open wounds
Rare side effects
  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
Although I mentioned that there is not side effect, but everyone has a different body, it may react differently. Those are very rare side effect that can occur.
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