ShinLin Acupuncture needles from Canada
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The leading acupuncture needles have returned with a new packaging design: it’s both stronger and more durable. Save money while staying eco-friendly by purchasing ShinLin 10 Bulk, which includes blister packs of 10 traditional spring handle needles each.
ShinLin™ 10 Bulk Acupuncture Needles 1000 / box


  • ShinLin spring acupuncture needles are a high quality acupuncture needle made of surgical grade stainless steel. 20-25 mm spring style handle based on size of needles are more comfortable and easy to manipulate. The spring handle is made of stainless steel and will never be discoloured.
  •  Eco-friendly packaging: 10 needles per blister with a single insertion tube enabling practitioners to access needles more quickly. This bulk pack brings with it the convenience of 10 needles and one insertion tube per blister pack making high volume needling both fast, efficient and cost-effective.
  • The thin guiding tube makes it possible for practitioners to precisely insert the needles at the accurate acupuncture points and guarantees pain-free insertion.
  • Automatic needlepoint sharpening technology ensures the highest consistency and performance of all needle tips. ShinLin spring acupuncture needles are excellent painless acupuncture needles with smooth insertion.
  • Automated machine-controlled processing provides excellent conformity and geometrical tip ensure easy glide insertion.
  • 1000 needles per box
Compared with the popular brands of acupuncture needles in the market, ShinLin acupuncture needle are competitive both in its quality and affordability. With the same quality, price of ShinLin is 4 times lower than that of other Korean acupuncture needles in the market.
  • One box: ShinLin = $4.50/box (100 needles) 4.50¢/needle [Savings of 53% compared to other brands at $9.50/box (100 needles) 9.50¢/needle]
  • 10-19 boxes: ShinLin = $25.99/box (1000 needles) 2.60¢/ needle [Savings of 73% compared to other brands at $9.50/box (100 needles) 9.50¢/needle]
  • 20 boxes or moreShinLin = $23/box (1000 needles) 2.30¢/ needle [Savings of 75% compared to other brands at $9.00/box (100 needles) 9.00¢/needle]


With our new deal on ShinLin Ten needles, you can spend less next time you have to stock up. Consider buying needles in bulk for your clinic, or pairing up with other practitioners to take the fullest advantage of these great savings!
Mix and match all your needles together to receive discounts on all your needles!
ShinLin™ 10 bulk Acupuncture Needles 1000 / box in Canada from
We recommend that practitioners who buy needles in bulk packages such as our ShinLin 10 bulk  always keep a box of individually wrapped needles Shinlin Singles handy, in case of treatments where, for example, opening two packages of ten needles would be wasteful, but opening one would be insufficient.
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