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TDP(Te-ding Dian-ci-bo Pu) is a pinyin abbreviation for “Particular Electromagnetic Spectrum”, which refers to the electromagnetic waves of 2-5 microns. The plate of a TDP lamp is coated with the special mineral formulations consisting of dozens of mineral elements that are essential to the body. When the lamp is heated, it will emit a special band of electromagnetic waves ranging from 1 to 24 mm in wavelength and 28 to 35 mw/cm^2 in intensity that coincide with the wavelength and intensity of the electromagnetic waves released by a human body, allowing the maximum absorption. The absorbed electromagnetic waves will thus produce biological effects, promote micro circulation, enhance the body’s function of adjustment and immunity. The idea of the TDP lamp was from a century-old ceramic factory in China in 1970. In this factory, the working conditions were extremely poor and workers stood in the cold, sodden floor for long periods of time during the day. But there was no single complaints related to arthritis or other related ailments due to the intensive physical working environment. After an investigation, the scientists came to the conclusion that the unique mineral composition of the clay was the reason why no worker has pain symptoms despite the poor working environment. After testing the accumulated buildups from the kiln used to fire the ceramics, scientists found that the ceramic powder materials contains up to 33 minerals and when heated sufficiently, these minerals radiate far infrared just like the human body. So, the invention of TDP lamps was intended to mimic the properties of the raw materials used to fire the ceramics: apply the special minerals on the plate of the TDP lamp and when heated, it will emit infrared that is compatible to human body.

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With the functions of promoting, metabolism, regulating physiological deficiency, diminishing inflammation and easing pain, the TDP Lamp has proven to be extraordinarily effective in treating numerous ailments such as muscular sore and pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis and various skin conditions. Due to its prominent therapeutic effects, the TDP Lamp is known in China and Hong Kong as the "Magical Lamp".   If you are interested TDP Lamps or related products, you can visit at Lierre TDP-Lamps. Lierre offers the best quality acupuncture needles, massage tables, massage accessories, herbal products and more at great prices.

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