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Rising up as a form of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture’s been accepted in North America as a legitimate form of treatment for a wide range of conditions. In many cases, acupuncture’s been used as a type of complementary medicine. Acupuncture works by stimulating strategic points on the body. This is done by penetrating the skin with a thin needle. When done properly, this initiates our brains to release neurotransmitters to alleviate pain. Subsequently, acupuncture has helped treat many other health conditions entirely unrelated to physical pain.   In 2012, one of the largest studies to date was published on the effectiveness of acupuncture on chronic pain. Overviewing 29 studies involving more than 17,000 people, it was found acupuncture to be effective at treating chronic pain and since then, it’s seen interest from medical doctors and others. Although it only produces modest differences in some patients, acupuncture is no placebo. The treatment is also being studied for how it’s affecting patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and cancer and cancer treatment-related symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners claim it can also be used to treat things like diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, and more however limited evidence suggests this to be the case.   What’s evident is acupuncture treatment has a positive effect on those who use it. Science is still learning about its mechanisms and the place it could have in treating different conditions as well as in prevention. It’s important to note the acupuncture we have today is similar to but not identical with what’s indicated in various ancient Chinese texts. To some degree, acupuncture’s been Westernized and refined. No longer is the philosophical or spiritual component as prevent in acupuncture. Instead we mainly focus on its power as a purely medical treatment.  

Acupuncture popularity today can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s in China during their Cultural Revolution. China’s then-leader Mao Zedong promoted acupuncture as an effective medical treatment which could be used to assist with the healthcare needs of a growing population that did not have enough doctors to meet demand. In the latter half of the twentieth century, many people in the West cultivated an interest in Chinese culture and non-Western medicine. Then, scientists and academics began studying acupuncture to see if there was merit for inclusion as an effective medical treatment. From there – as we say – it’s history.   Acupuncture treatments can be carried out in hospitals, community centers, chiropractic and massage therapy offices, and even in your home. Through proper technique and high quality acupuncture needles, anyone can find the benefits of acupuncture for themselves. If you’re struggling with physical pain or mental health issues which could be causing disruptions to your lifestyle, consider acupuncture. Buy your acupuncture needles and related accessories from

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