shop acupuncture needle for sleep apnea relief lierre

In treating sleep apnea, the most common thing to do is to buy a CPAP machine. That said, machines like these are bulky, a little noisy, and not to mention you have to wear a mask every time you go to sleep. Researchers have found acupuncture to be just as effective as treatment for sleep apnea as a CPAP machine and in some cases, even better. For those who don’t know, sleep apnea is almost an extreme version of snoring. Sleep apnea happens when a person’s airway is restricted while sleeping which can be caused by an anatomical abnormality or reduced muscle function. A person affected with sleep apnea is likely to stop breathing several times throughout the night, reducing oxygen levels in their bodies. In time, this decreases quality of life and overall health. Short-term, it can also lead to sleepiness, depression, irritability, reduced concentration and memory, erectile dysfunction, and cardiovascular conditions. A CPAP machine opens up the nasal airway and provides continuous oxygen. It’s extremely effective at managing sleep apnea and shallow breathing, and eliminates the lack of oxygen in the bloodstream which is caused by sleep apnea. At times though, yes, CPAP can fail or it’s not entirely adequate. Sometimes a dental appliance will be recommended. In other cases, surgery might be the way forward. Now, enter in acupuncture. Used for thousands of years, acupuncture is shown to improve overall health and sleep quality specifically among sufferers of sleep apnea. If you can’t afford the machine or don’t want to have to strap a mask to your face every night before bed, acupuncture might be your best bet.

shop acupuncture needle for sleep apnea relief lierre

Acupuncture cures sleep apnea by increasing circulation in the body, stimulating the release of endorphins, and helping to relieve a lot of the symptoms that may be making your sleep apnea and/or insomnia worse. Things like anxiety, stress, and uncontrolled thoughts can keep a person awake at night. Alternatively, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, headaches, or similar physical disruptions can also negatively impact the quality of sleep you receive. In acupuncture exists the potential to help with all of these things. Even after a single session, you may notice a difference in your overall health and quality of life. Through repeated sessions of up to three times per week, it might be possible to completely remedy any issue relating to sleep apnea. Acupuncture needles are available for purchase today from Purchase yours and get started on the road to treating sleep apnea. As more research is done comparing acupuncture with CPAP machines, both are recommended and have been proven as effective in treating this condition.

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