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Every year in Canada, there are more than 1.1 million acupuncture treatments administered. Although a lot of acupuncture work has focused on pain relief, researchers are also studying acupuncture’s potential for weight loss. As it turns out, acupuncture does not initiate weight loss however when combined with other weight loss strategies – such as nutrition and going to the gym – can help a person lose more weight. As many as 25 percent of Canadians are overweight. Every year, we spend more than $3.3 billion on different weight loss programs and sadly more than 95 percent of people fail in their attempt to lose weight. That’s really sad to hear.  We know how important it is to any person’s health to ensure their weight’s controlled. If you’ve struggled in the past, this time around, try something different and add acupuncture in among your other strategies. In most cases, as few as one or three acupuncture sessions to provide patients this benefit. Acupuncture needles are very fine and sterile, and are inserted strategically into the body’s energy pathways. When in, they stimulate the release of endorphins which creates a calming, relaxing effect. In your weight loss journey, you may also find this helps with stress, frustration, or anxiety. It can take years for a person to gain the weight they intend to lose within months. Excessive weight gain in a short to moderate time frame is usually associated with imbalance in the body in some way. There may be organs malfunctioning, too much food coming in which is not being processed correctly, or there may not be enough activity to help the body along. Acupuncture can help many areas of the body including the endocrine system, kidneys, thyroid gland, adrenal and ovary glands, and more. It’s almost like a re-balancing of the body, in some ways.

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How to cure weight loss is a nice tag line but the truth is there is no definitive cure other than to put in the work. Acupuncture can help with that. A study published in Medical Acupuncture showed women who received weekly 15-minute sessions of acupuncture lost over 3 times the amount of weight compared to women who did not partake in any acupuncture. Acupuncture works, in many ways, to help balance your physical and mental health. When administered by qualified acupuncturists and alongside a diet of reduced calorie diet and self-appropriate physical exercise, this is what gets you the best results. As it relates to acupuncture cure for weight loss, can help. Shop acupuncture needles and accessories. Receive everything you need to add acupuncture to your general weight loss routine and see what so many other Canadians are raving about!

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