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Innovative, scientifically tested Secret Strips just arrived in Canada. This new type of face mask is outperforming that of other brands, surprisingly among many consumers and skeptics alike. Performance-wise, nothing comes close to Secret Strips at their price point. A little different from everyday beauty care face masks, here’s some insight into how they work.

What are Secret Strips?

Secret Strips use a multi-dimensional lifting technology which means once they are applied on skin, an elastic net expands and stretches the skin in roughly six different directions. This opens wrinkles, fine lines, and pores, allowing moisturizer and anti-aging serum to enter. The skin’s smoothed out and tightened, through a 3D matrix of microcrystal fibers. The elevated temperatures of the skin are what activates the stretching.

What are Secret Strips Used For?

Beyond the question of what are Secret Strips, you may be wondering what they are used for exactly. There are different strips for different purposes – anti-nasolabial fold strips, anti-wrinkle forehead strips, anti-frown line strips, anti-eye wrinkle strips, and facial firming strips. In use, they attack signs of aging while moisturizing the skin. Before and after using, hyaluronic acid is recommended for application. This is to help with hydrating the skin.

Why are Secret Strips better than other Brands?

There are a lot of reasons why Secret Strips in Canada are used. First off, if your skin can tolerate hyaluronic acid or at least once it is used to it, Secret Strips can be applied and left on for 1-2 hours, or even overnight. Comparatively, other facial masks and eye masks are only recommended for up to 20 minutes or less because of the chemicals in them. Secret Strips aren’t like this, keeping skin from getting irritated or bothered.

The Importance of Hyaluronic Acid

The key to using Secret Strips as your must-have anti-wrinkle strips is to apply hyaluronic acid. Moisturizing the skin, it also protects the skin. Secret Strips do not use any other liquid ingredients outside of what’s in its stretch technology. The hyaluronic acid is needed to hydrate the skin deeply. For anti-aging treatments, hydration is so important to the treatment. Hyaluronic acid creates a stronger moisture barrier underneath the first layer of skin, providing absolutely amazing results.

Do You Want to Try Secret Strips?

Secret Strips are new to Canada and are currently available exclusively through If you’ve wanted to try something new face mask-wise, this product’s your opportunity. If other face masks haven’t given you the results you’ve wanted, this might be the answer for you. Simply put, there’s no facial mask strips like this in Canada or the world today. Visit for more information.

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