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2019 Boxing Day Deals is the biggest Canadian sale of the years. If you miss anything at home or you did not buy your Christmas gifts, you should definitely shop last minute presents at our store! You can buy online or in store our greatest sale of the year. We will offer discount up to 90% OFF! Read this article for shopping suggestions! 

Silicone Brush Cleaning Mat

This practical silicone brush cleaner mat is the perfect tool for make-up enthusiast, painter or as a gift to someone. The cleaning mat is made of high quality silicone and is designed with seven different texture to be able to deeply wash both small and large brushes. The soft silicone will not damage your brushes and is easy to disinfect. The five non slip suction cups on the back of the mat will make your cleaning more convenient as it can be fix in the shower of on the sink. Silicone brush cleaning mat is the greatest boxing day deals in Laval, as it is 90% off during this sale. With this makeup accessory, you will ensure the longevity of your brushes by avoiding both cross-contamination and bacterial build up.

Donut Cushion Comfort Seat Pillow For Back and Hip Pain

This donut comfort seat pillow is designed to help pain relief and increase comfort during travelling or at home. This pillow is contrived to distribute your weight and apply less pressure some body parts like the coccyx and the leg contours. This seat pillow is portable and lightweight, which is perfect to use at your office, in the car, airplane, bus, at home, and more. The cushion pillow case can be removed, so it is easier to wash it in case you drop something on it or just to give a fresher  scent to it. The cushion is made  of firm foam that can support your weight and give a more ergonomic position. It will be 50% off during the boxing day sale in Canada.

Raindrop Silicone Makeup Sponge

This reusable silicone makeup sponge is the perfect tool to apply foundation is it is easier to clean than a traditional beauty blender. In fact, it is durable and easy to disinfect because it does not absorb products, so you want less waste too. Made with BPA-free medical grade silicone, this sponge will adapt perfectly to the contours of your face. This tool is soft and pliable, which make it significantly easier to push gently on the face for a nice application. This makeup accessory is 90% off during the Boxing Day deals at

Spiky Massage Ball for Back Pain, Deep Tissue Trigger Point

This versatile spiky plastic massage ball is perfect after a stressful day or an intense workout at the gym. Made to activate trigger points and deeply massage muscles and tissues, they are small and portable. In fact, the durable plastic ball is small enough to be carried in any workout bag. This ball will prevent muscular tensions, trigger point massage to relieve old injuries while relaxing you after a long day. During the boxing day sale in Montreal, the spiky massage ball is 90% off. Do not forget to enjoy this sale!

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