What Steps to Take in Disinfecting, Sanitizing, and Safety for Businesses Reopening

Profit is no longer the single guiding influence at the center of business in Canada. COVID-19’s changed a lot and running a business now must involve health, safety, and protection for employees, customers, and partners.

Protecting everyone’s individual health in this period of reopenings has been a conversation revolving around face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and how to wash one’s hands thoroughly and properly.

The first step for any small business to reopen is in having a plan – a daily plan to sanitize and disinfect, a plan on what’s to occur if there’s an outbreak or someone with COVID-19 comes in contact with your physical business location, and a plan and expectation on employee protection.

It’s important to note that, historically, pandemics tend to come in waves. Supplies like alcohol-based hand sanitizer and disposable face masks should be fully stocked. Be ready for what comes, good or bad. If you don’t already have a supplier for disinfectants and sanitizers, Lierre.ca’s a great resource to tap into.

Next on the list is to determine what social distancing looks like at your business. Think of the distance between customers as well as employees. If it’s not always possible to maintain distancing, it becomes even more important to use face masks and sanitizers on the regular. Redesigning your small business to adhere to social distancing is a necessary adaptation companies have to make.

How to wear a face maskSick employees don’t work. No negotiating there. Even if they are asymptomatic and arrive wearing Disposable Earloop Protective Masks 50pcs, they’re a risk. As a small business owner, responsibilities in monitoring employee absenteeism and illness, identifying and isolating sick employees, and defining these procedures down to a tee is on you.

Ensure you’re giving employees enough time to sanitize and wash their hands as well. Stock up product like Hydrapure Disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer with 70% alcohol. Assign employees sanitizers and encourage them to use them frequently.Unfortunately, there is no reasonable way for small businesses to test employees for COVID-19. Some use infrared thermometers to get a temperature reading but as many already know, asymptomatic individuals can walk in and be contagious without any symptoms.

Lastly, follow every guideline and recommendation provided by government. Stringent adherence is required to ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to prioritize the health and safety of anyone who comes into contact with your business.

For any business in need of more COVID-19 alcohol-based hand sanitizers, face masks, and supplies, reach out to Lierre.ca. An eCommerce platform, you can order everything online from lierre.ca and have it shipped right to your front door without you having to do anything more than click. Successful reopenings rely on having the right policies in place. Find your inventory to get it done at Lierre.ca.

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