A Complete Guide to Crystal Healing – presented by Lierre.ca
Crystal healing is about balance. It has long been a belief of many cultures that crystals have energies embedded into them. Carrying some crystals around with you can help transfer these energies to you and help to balance you in the most natural way possible.   Gemstones like natural quartz, minerals, rose quartz, black obsidian, and others carry unique energies and there’s a potential for a transfer to happen either through prolonged exposure, a crystal healing roller, or a crystal elixir water bottle. Natural crystals are already used in different healing environments including in meditation, Reiki, and therapy. In some people, they’ve proven to be extremely helpful in overcoming difficult circumstances. In other people, they don’t do much. Trying it for yourself though, you may be surprised by how you feel and what’s communicated from these crystals.   Crystal healing can happen from products like a facial roller which is used to roll a gemstone across your face repeatedly. Doing so provides a number of skin benefits as well as connects you to the energy of the crystal. There are bracelets you can wear around your wrist, providing connection to the power of stones like an amethyst. There are crystals which can be purchased for acupressure points, in an aromatherapy diffuser, in a loose stone format, in a decorative glass vase, as a pendant, and in plenty of other configurations. Any of these are sufficient at transferring a stone’s energies from stone to person. Amethyst Tumbled Stones In the last couple years, crystal healing has become increasingly popular in large part thanks to celebrities like Adele, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and literally hundreds of Instagram influencers who use crystal healing to help them. The health and wellness industry is absolutely loving crystal healing! For the mind, body, and spirit, they have a place in many people. Anyone struggling with mental trouble, romance, worries, anxieties, depression, or who have a lack of connection to the elements or people around you, crystal healing might be for you. Clear Quartz Crystal Point for Acupressure Do the same thing the Egyptians, the Mayans, and the Sumerians have done. Crystal healing is one of the earliest healing techniques and it works because of how energy works. Everything in the universe carries energy in it. Although it may not look so in the naked eye, everything from your kitchen table to the socks you wear on your feet has energy in it. So do crystals so use them! Clear away what’s holding you back with clear quartz, energize yourself with ruby or jasper, release pent-up negative energy with copper or sunstone, re-align your energy patterns with amber, re-balance yourself with jade or emerald, seek better communication through sapphire, calm your body with kyanite or azurite, uplift yourself with amethyst, or protect yourself with obsidian. Browse these crystal healing stones and others at Lierre.ca.
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