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Jade is the chosen stone. The roller is a sort of rolling pin device. Together, the jade face roller’s applied to your skin going up and down. As you roll the stone across your face, it’s believed to initiate a number of benefits.  

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As one of Instagram’s latest beauty trends, jade rollers are nothing new. They’ve actually been used since the 17TH century in China as well as in other cultures. Although there’s no scientific evidence suggesting jade face rollers do much, they’ve been used by Chinese royalty for hundreds of years. Those who have tried it in Canada have also seen some benefit. Thereby, we must question what the extent of jade facial rollers’ benefits are.   Jade facial rollers are recommended by dermatologists for a reason. For some, they work. Although one can debate for hours on-end whether they’re successful at removing toxins from the skin, anecdotes show jade face rollers are successful at smoothing out fine lines, decreasing dark circles and bags under the eyes, easing tension headaches, calming inflammation in the face, brightens the skin, and helps to control acne breakouts. These are the primary benefits, though plenty of other claims have been made on how it’s helped those who use them.   The experience of using jade face rollers is also very nice. Its’ application feels wonderful on the skin. Now, the aforementioned benefits are not strictly reserved to jade facial rollers. Blood circulation can be increased any number of ways and so can many of these other benefits. Several benefits are temporary in nature, such as minimizing puffiness which is done as the lymphatic system is stimulated and drained thereby eliminating swelling. There’s also been some debate on how successful jade face rollers at increasing collagen stimulation, enhancing the penetration of skin care products, and completely clearing up breakouts.   Nevertheless, those who use it swear by it. How to use a jade facial roller begins by applying moisturizer, serum, or oil to your face which has been recently cleaned and dried. From there, gently roll the jade stone up and down until your product is absorbed. It’s that easy! Now, jade’s not the only stone which can be applied to the skin however it is definitely the most common. Investigating jade rollers and whether they work for your skin is all up to personal experience. They’re certainly more than just some pretty rolling pin. Even skeptics have to admit there’s something to it.   Browse jade face rollers, green aventurine jade facial rollers, amethyst facial rollers, rose quartz facial rollers, opal facial rollers, clear quartz face rollers, and more from See for yourself some of the amazing benefits others have found!

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