How Thera Crystals Rose Quartz Roller could be Your Next Beauty Secret
Crystal rollers used to be very common among Chinese royalty centuries ago. As a skincare instrument today, products like the Thera crystal rose quartz roller have experienced a bit of a spike in popularity.   Thera Crystals™ Rose Quartz Roller Used by Instagrammers and the social media elite, crystal rollers look deceptively simple. Capitalizing on the crystal healing properties of rose quartz and similar stones, when you apply these to your face rubbing them up and down using a roller, it not only helps to smooth your skin but it also transfers the energies of the crystal to you.   For royalty all over the world, for centuries, families have been using rollers like the Thera crystal rose quartz roller. It will no doubt look pretty sitting among your beauty accessories, is a non-invasive beauty ritual, and it’s a calming experience to feel it roll over your face or anywhere on the body you want to use it. For the mind, body, and soul, this is the perfect wellness tool.   As a rolling facial massage, it helps with lymphatic drainage and helps to improve circulation above the neck. Applied anywhere on the skin, it’s almost like you’re giving your skin a workout, ultimately leaving it with a brighter complexion and a smoother look. For anyone struggling with signs of aging or who are worried about skin blemishes, a rose quartz roller can help with that. Regular facial massages using the Thera crystal rose quartz roller can help to close pores and release puffy skin.   Thera Crystals™ Rose Quartz Roller To get the most out of your crystal rose quartz roller, cleanse and moisturize your skin before use. Rollers are best used combine with a skin oil or serum that won’t dry out quickly as well. Lymph nodes on your neck are a great place to start, directly under the ears. Use downward strokes to massage. From there, move to the stem of your neck and massage the base. Move on to your chin, around the jawline, and up to your cheekbones. On your face, always massage using upward strokes. When you come to your forehead, switch to downward strokes. Apply any additional skin oil or serum at any point during the massage, if you determine it to be necessary.   Why you might choose rose quartz for your stone roller is because of the unique properties embedded inside. Rose quartz is closely associated with finding love and romance, bringing about deep healing, enhancing self-love, and removing energy blockages of one’s chakras.   If you don’t believe us, give the Thera crystal rose quartz roller a try. The experience is calming, skincare benefits from it are instantly noticeable, and the energy transference is also a key component to why these rollers work. Shop your favourites at today!
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